Stark plays around and makes preparations

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline The full Hucow Database
Characters Iron Man
Category Mind Change Memory Manipulation
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“Friday?” Tony asked, “Prepare a primary indoctrination and imprinting program targeted at Peper and Riri so they my personal property even before we start the full scale conversions.”

“One second Master,” Friday hummed, “Would you like to prepare a pre-amble to lull them into a false sense of ease?”

“Yes!” Tony smiled.


Pepper was sitting in the bathroom listening to music off of the phone Tony had given her.  A ding notified her that there was a message from Tony.  Pepper signed and opened the message, a video from Tony.

“Hay Pepper, Riri… Friday and I cooked up a new ad promo, please watch it then swing by my office and let me knew what you think!”

“Yeah sure Tony,” Pepper rolled her eyes as the video changed from Tony in his office to a profile shot of Tony in front of rolling tie-dye back ground, “Let me just drop every-thing… and… just… dooo… as I’m told..”

The background was pulsing faster and brighter while special noises resonated in her brain.


“Friday?” Tony asked, “How long ago did Pepper open the video?”

“Two hours master,” Friday jiggled her digital tits, “She watched all ten minutes and two seconds ten times.”

“And Riri?” Tony asked.

“One hour and fifty minutes, she watched it eleven times,” Friday smiled.

“What have they been doing?” Tony asked no one.

“Pepper began masturbating on her toilet before the end of the first viewing cycle,” Friday smiled, “Oh… Master I have wonderful news.  The localization systems have finished the profiles for domestic pets.  We have six puppy girl profiles and four kitten profiles, they range from personal security, domestic house keeping, to pleasure pets.”

“Bring up the profiles,” Tony ordered.

One of the Kitten profiles grabbed Tony’s attention. 

“Breeding Bride Kitten,” Tony read, “Mild Nymphomania, complete slave devotion to her master, slutty fashion sense and constantly in heat to be bred.  Friday, I had an idea.  Create a personalized indoctrination program for one Selina ‘The Catwoman’ Kyle and make her imprint on Bruce ‘The Batman’ Wayne.  Flood her electronic devices and as a cover fill her electronic history with searches and view of similar kitten pet play fetish material.  That should keep Bruce pre-occupied while we work on our mass conversion coppacity.  Hmmm. I want a personal test.  Target Barbara ‘The Cheetah’ Minerva and have her imprint on me as her master.”

“Yes master!” Friday giggled, “Oh you have visitors!”

“Mister Stark?” Riri William’s voice came from door.

“Come in,” Tony smiled.

Riri and Pepper strutted in shorty clingy mini-dresses and over the top high heels.

“Tony,” Pepper breathed, “That video was life changing…”

“Yes Mister Stark,” Riri smiled.

“Tony…” Pepper looked at Riri and both shared a knowing stare, “Riri and I talked on the elevator up and we agree, can you please make us your slaves?  We want to be your pets.”Both women dropped to their knees.

“What do you two think about changing every woman in the world into a slave animal?” Tony asked.

“Please let us help spreading enlightenment to all the unworthy of the world!” Riri bowed down.

“Master let these unworthy animals serve you!” Pepper bowed.


Bruce woke to the feeling of a mouth on his manhood.  He pulled the sheets back and found Selina wearing nothing but her cat cowl, opera gloves, and crotch boots.

“Bruce… hmm… I been thinking… about us… about you… about me…” Selina said as she sucked on Bruce’s cock, “I figured it out, I am ready to be Mrs. Bruce Wayne, but I want to stay catwoman.  I really am feline in personality but now I am ready to accept my place as your mate and want to have litters of children with you.  Make me your sex kitten wife Bruce.”

“Selina…” Bruce stopped as Selina took the entire length of Bruce’s dick in her mouth in one gulp.


Tony watched as Pepper and Riri danced for him, they were both naked save for the collars Tony made out of spare bits of Iron Man armors.  According to Friday, Cheetah had booked a flight from London to New York already and done a fair amount of online shopping for her to pick up at her New York layover and then had a private charter flight to bring her out to LA.  All of it was Kitten Play themed. 

“How is the overhaul project going?” Tony asked Friday.

“Adapting the database profiles is at twenty-seven percent,” Friday appeared in a pink pony girl body harness, “The first profile that should be ready is what we are calling the Chariot Ponies, after that the Dairy Cow should be ready for testing.”

In a part of Tony’s head, he knew it was the brainwashing at work, but the thought of Pepper bent over his desk wearing pony boots mooing as he fucked her made him rock hard.

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