Devils Reborn

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline Devilish Women
Characters Spider-Gwen Harley Quinn
Category Body Modification Corruption Marvel and DC
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As the Marvel and DC Universes colided the devils of their worlds; Mephisto, Dormammu, Surtr, and Trigon parished in the collision. But true evil can never be destroyed. Instead their power would be reborn!


Gwen Stacy sat on a rooftop at night as she patroled to city. She had joined this new universe after her's had colapsed. She missed her reality, but things could not be helped. It was gone. She had to make sure this new reality would remain safe. Suddenly she felt a surge of power, as her body transformed. Her skin turned red, as an extra set of arms grew from her pits. Her nails became long talons, as a tail emerged above her ass. Her breasts increased to F-Cups as her ass expanded. Her arms and legs gained some muscle as she grew to 10 feet tall. Her eyes turned red, and long, curved black horns emerged from her forehead.

Suddenly Gwen felt differant....she felt bad....a good kind of bad, as she had been reborn as the Deviless, the reincarnation of Surtr. There were many options. She could repay Jessica Drew for being so kind to he by turning her into her demonic assistant. Or she could take her revenge on Mary Jane and make her just as sinister or twisted as she was now. Then there was Peter, her old flame. She could make him love her! All those ideas and more came to her mind as she began to plot.

Gwen snapped her fingers and she transformed back into her human state, and on her body appeared a black leather jacket, a white undershirt, and blue jeans. She knew exactly what she would use her new demonic powers on first!


As Harley woke up in her cell in Arkham Asylem, she felt a bit groggy. She walked over to her mirror and saw her body had transformed in her sleep. She now had a second pair of eyes, antlers came from the top of her head. Her body had gained a massive amount of muscle, and her hands and feet had claws instad of nails. She looked almost like a female version of Trigon. She was now the She-Devil. She then began to think, wondering what she could do now......

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