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Selina checked the Post Office box for messages from her net.  There were four envelopes and a flyer from the local pizza chain.  She stuffed them in her Hello Kitty Messenger bag and stuck her keys in the pocket of her pull over hoody.  She smiled at the teenager that had been staring at her ass and headed out.  She made sure to strut in her knee boots and wet look leggings.  She heard the teenager’s mother snap at the guy and made a comment effectively calling Selina a whore.  As Selina walked out of the post office, she shook her head.  There were points to being a low grade fetishist and exhibitionist that could suck, namely dealing with everyone who thought that she was the problem with society.  Silently Selina wished she could make everyone a fetishist or at least indifferent to fetishists.  Selina continued to muse as she went out to the bus stop. 

If I could alter and warp people at will… Selina thought.

She imagined the Batgirls as Catgirls, Bruce waiting for her in her bed in a rubber gimp suit, the adult Robins doing strip shows for her, Joker as a harmless mime in the most remote backwaters of Russia.  Selina boarded the bus and went to her safe house.  She was pretty sure Bruce didn’t know about this one… But, Bruce always managed to stay ahead of everyone and keeping secrets from him was nearly impossible.  She thought about it, Bruce tied to her bed in a rubber gimp suit with a rubber batcowl was a very exciting thought, but that was never going to happen.  Sure him pinning her to the wall and fucking her brains out while they were both wearing their animal suits happened a number of times, but Selina knew that Bruce wouldn’t go gimp for her even on their honey moon.

The bus pulled up to her stop and Selina got off.  She made her way the half block to her safe house. 

Going in she made her way to the kitchen and got a drink before going to the office slash planning room.  She pulled the envelopes out of the bag and started going over them.  The first one was a padded one postmarked from Maine with a return address of Hawaii, seems legit.  She opened it and pulled out a USB thumb drive, these were becoming more common, a dongle and a contact address or a briefing on the drive.  Selina plugged it into the “Virus toaster” that Eddy had given her and she powered it up.  While the light blinked yellow she went on to the next contestant.  Postmarked Florida, return address Texas, and a job from one European royal family wanting a relic back from another royal family that had gotten a hold of it generations ago…pass.  Next was a solicitation by a rich guy, pass, she was done selling her body for money.  A royal princess wanted a Lezdom session under the heel of the famed Catwoman, the unwritten insinuation was that there were be many happy endings.  Yeah no.  Last envelope, request by an official government to secure weapons data from a less reputable government.  Interesting, but not that interesting, especially for the payout being offered.  Maybe she should pass the first and last ones on to Holly.  The light on the Virus Toaster turned green.  Selina tapped the power button and pulled the USB drive.  That should make sure that it didn’t have any malware, so Selina plugged it into her laptop.  She opened it and it was an install package.  She closed it and put it into of the burner laptops she got for these sorts of things. 

“Lets see what this is,” Selina said to the program as she hit the execute prompt. 

The program loaded and started up. 


“WELCOME TO MASTER PC,” a digital female text to talk voice announced, “Welcome user Selina Kyle Ah Kay Ah Cat-woman. Would you like the beginners tour?”

Selina arched an eyebrow and wondered if Joker put Eddy up to this.  She selected yes and watched as the Virtual Assistant explained the program and who to modify people.  This had to be a joke.  So Selina brought herself up and looked it over.  Everything seemed right.  A prompt appeared, the assistant’s voice filled the speakers.

“It is recommended that you select the continue prior knowledge option when administering alterations to the User.  It is also recommended that you use the ‘for this subject’ and not the ‘for all subjects’ response.”

Selina hit the recommended response and then started playing around.  Double D chest, bam! Her tank top was a tent.  Selina went to a framed photo of her and Holly after Holly had dyed her hair platinum blonde one summer, she couldn’t help but notice her larger chest in the picture.  Selina grabbed the frame and turned back to the laptop, she selected her hair and made herself a blonde with shoulder length hair.  She hit execute, and her hair changed to blonde and lengthened.  She looked down at the picture and saw that she was blonde in the picture as well.  She changed her hair back to black but left it shoulder length.

“So, who am I going to play with first?” Selina asked aloud, “Bruce? Oracle? Joker? Oh I know!”

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