Black Cat

by gothamalleyviper
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Selina typed in the name of the pain in her backside.  She would keep this kitten around as her personal pet.  Selina started making alterations, loving slave devotion, fetishes, lipstick lesbian with a heavy bisexual streak, and most of all obedience.  She set it so the subject wouldn’t remember alterations and hit execute. 


Black Cat was dangling above a million-dollar security system.  She was about to grab the plans to an advanced missile system for S.H.I.E.L.D. from Vandel Savage’s latest high security hide out. 

A wave of something came over her and her vision blurred for a second.  It passed just as quickly as it had come over her.  Felicity Hardy couldn’t wait to get done with this mission and go home to Mistress Selina and be her sexy latex pet kitty.  Every part of her ached for her mistress’ domination.  Sure on occasions Mistress Selina would order her to have sex with a boy, but she didn’t date boys by on her own.  Her favorite nights were those in her latex sex suit with her kitty tail butt plug licking Mistress’ slit.  But there were other nights that were good as well, like tonight when she was in her slinky suit stealing from naughty villains for Mistress.


Selina looked at the framed picture, Holly and Felicia hugged Selina resting their heads on her tits, both were wearing kitten collars and cat ear hair bands.  But there was a look of tension between the two younger ladies.  Selina knew that that wouldn’t work out.  She went back to her computer and brought up Holly’s profile.  She made Holly Felicia’s open relationship Lipstick lover and another of Selina’s pet kitty understudy.  She set the program to keep Holly from remembering the alterations but allowed Selina to remember that it happened, and hit execute.


Black Cat managed to grab the plans and was into the ventilation system.  She was hoping that Mistress Selina would order her to play with Holly for her.  She had some much fun when Mistress played with her and her bestie!  Felicia loved wearing matching tail plugs and going out dancing with Holly.  She stopped musing for a minute as she navigated the ventilation system.  Mistress had taught her to focus in situations like this otherwise you could get yourself killed for being a vapid silly bimbo. 


Selina mused for a second, part of he knew the new history, taking in Holly and Felicia after her mother throw her out and teaching them to be understudies as well as her kinky kitten sluts, but another part of her remembered the original history.  When Felicia got done with her job for shield she would race home to Gotham to take her place in Selina’s bed.  Selina started a search for another kink in her tail to straighten out.  But which one…


Black Cat waltzed onto the waiting transport and handed the plans to the waiting S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.  Felicia thought that the black girl would look rather fetching in her catsuit if she took the time to grow her hair out and look feminine instead of trying desperately to be as butch as possible.  But on a whim, Black Cat went up to her and gave her a French kiss.

“Imagine what else I would do for a sexy lady,” Black Cat whispered to the stunned woman.

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