Just what is Mighty Maid going to use that newsroom for?

by Erika Frost
Storyline Wonder Woman with a Flip
Previous Chapter What’s Nanny Contrary up to?

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Mighty Maid smiled and sighed with a deep satisfaction as she watched the love of her life pose for the redeheaded Paparazzi’s camera. These sexy wedding pictures were Wonder Wife’s idea, a gift for her new spouse and she was really throwing herself into them.  She was lasting on the floor now, squeezing her impressive and currently bare breasts with her white gloved hands as Paparazzi shot from above. “Another great one, Lois!” the photographer chirped. 

Lois giggled and pushed herself into a sitting position.  “Thanks, babe!”  Wonder Wife moaned as her hand wandered to her crotch. “Fuck!  All this posing is making me hor-orny!”  She looked at Mighty Maid with a mischievous smirk.  “Would you like some girl on girl pics, hon?”
Mighty Maid laughed. “Mes oui, mon amor.  And I zink it ees time for our shutter bug to try out her powers and make you a playmate, non?”
“Yes!” The redhead exclaimed. “I know just what to do.”  She skipped over and took the hand of the dazed, but untansformed Cat Grant. Cat struggled a bit, but still came along. Paparazzi positioned her right where she wanted her and started taking pictures. There were no commands at first.  The first few were just to soften Cat’s brain. 
“Aren’t you tired of being Lois’ rival?  You should be her bestie!”  The camera clicked and Cat could feel her outlook changing. She should be besties with Lois!
“And you should be younger. Like a real sexy twenty year old!”  Another click and the years melted away.
Lois watched, giggling with excitement. “Don’t forget to give her a big rack!”
“Lois!” Paparazzi chided. “Like I’d forget!  Cat, dear, your boobies should be big and bouncy!” 
The camera clicked and Cat’s breasts ballooned forward. “The biggest and bounciest!” Cat exclaimed, despite herself. She was so shocked to say such a thing she covered her mouth with her hands. 
“Oh, Cat, why would you want to cover up those big pink lips?”  Click. “Or ever be ashamed of that cute, bubbly, bimbo voice of yours?”  Click. “And don’t forget how much you love using naughty words!”  Click. 
Each click further changed the woman until she was only barely recognizable as Cat Grant. A slip of the tongue meant to give her green eyes resulted in emerald hair and thing spiraled out of control from there. Soon, she had light green skin and a crown of daisies around her head. A bikini of wild flowers barely covered her huge jugs or moist pussy. Paparazzi gave her the power to control all manner of flora and to embue them with transformative powers.  She changed her name from Cat to Rose and dubbed her Wonder Wife’s personal Flower Girl. 
Lois inspected the new creature and gave her big green bubble butt a playful swat. Flower Girl moaned, “Slap that ass, babe!”
Lois swatted it again. “Such a naughty girl.”  She strolled over to Paparazzi and gave her red headed friend a sexy kiss. “Great job.  Now, just take a few pictures snd you can join us.”
Lois returned to Flower Girl and watched as she used her new powers to quickly dispell the flowers from her body. Lois backed into the naked green girl, so turned on by the two younger woman currently at her beck and call. She ground her ass into Flower Girl’s crotch and then guided her soft green hands to her own huge tits. She winked at Mighty Maid, knowing her wife wouldn’t watch for much longer before joining the fun. 
Paparazzi’s camera harmlessly clicked as Flower Girl kneaded Wonder Wife’s breasts. “I’m, like, so fuckin ready to eat your fucking twat,” the girl said in her cute, bubbly voice. 
Lois giggled at the ridiculous incongruity and spun in the girl’s arms. “Not until I’m done playing with these,” she said, dipping her head to those tremendous tits.
Flower Girl could hardly contain herself. “Oooh. Suck those big green titties, baby!  Suck those big slutty titties.”
Each vapid comment drove Wonder Wife wilder and wilder. She was overjoyed when a topless Paparazzi joined her, sucking on Flower Girl’s other tit before getting her own freckled fun bags worshipped by the two women. And true to Lois’ guess, she spied her sexy French wife remove her own uniform befor lubing up a strap on to join them. She hoped Mighty Maid would start by fucking Flower Girl so she could listen to the high pitches yelps while riding Paparazzi’s eager face. 
Meanwhile, Perry White watched on, frozen and horrified and wondering what fate awaited him. 

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