Perrry White’s transformation.

by Erika Frost
Storyline Wonder Woman with a Flip
Previous Chapter Just what is Mighty Maid going to use that newsroom for?

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Mighty Maid rose from the floor and the tangle of female flesh and stretched her sensuous body.  She looked down on her still slumbering lovers and smiled. They all looked so sweet, particularly her wife, whose head rested beneath one of Paparazzi's full, pale breasts. 

Mighty Maid ran a hand through her disheveled Raven black hair.  She spied Super Sissy, konked out in one of the Daily Planet's office roller chairs, her little dick was out and there was a cum stain on the fabric.  Picking up her duster, the maid of might stolled over to the sissy and regarded her with amusement.  "Poor zing," she said to herself in her comical, but sexy accent.  "'Ad to find your own fun, eh?  Well, I zink oo zuffered enough, non?"  Mighty Maid wiped the duster over the Kryptonian's crotch. "When oo wake, oo weel be Zuper Missy."  The bio's dick became a tight little pussy, fulfilling her sleeping wish of being a real girl. 

Smiling to herself, Mighty Maid next turned her attention to Perry White, frozen still in the middle of the room, his eyes filled with contempt. "I 'ave not forgotten oo, Monsieur."  She strode forward, moving like a jungle cat and a picture of pure sexuality. She still wore her black heels and fishnet stockings, but the rest of her, including her large, pert bosom, was bear and covered with a sheen of sweat.  Her black strap on bobbed up and down with each step and sway of her hypnotic hips.

"I came to zis newzpaper for a reazon.  I need zomeone to tell ze world about moi.  To prepare zem to be my zlaves.  Oo weel 'elp weeth zis."

"I will not," was Peri's strangled reply.

Mighty Maid smiled wickedly and raised her duster.


Bimbette's eyes shone with the closest thing to happiness they could.  Her lovely little Zarbie Doll had brought them to Lex Luthor's office and then used her magic to create a wonderful new playmate.

Somewhere in Bimbette's airy brain, she recognized that they could use a "smartie" around and grumpy old Lexwas the smartest she could think of.  Last night, they worked their magic on Lex while he slept, Bimbette breathing just a bit in his ear and Zarbie voicing the magic words.


The resulting girl woke up surprised and happy.  She was a lithe little thing with slender arms and long legs and an overall ballet dancer's physique.  She had the sweetest little barely there boobies.  After all, the bigger her boobies, the dumber she'd be, or so Bimbette thought.  Her thick nipple stood out like little finger tips and were very eye catching indeed. The sight of them caused Bimbette to drool a bit more than usual.  Alexis was also completely hairless from head to toe and possessed an intellect even greater than her male self.  Still, she envied Bimbette and longed to be a big title, air headed bimbo some day.  For now, she have to content herself with eating her floating idol' pussy while Zarbie pitched those enticing nipples.

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