The guests are warned of Violet's plan by a crazed hero who was formally captured by Violet

by kingofthefarmyard1
Storyline Violet's Secret
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“Catwoman! what the hell are you doing here?” 

“perhaps for the same reason you are Canary,” Catwoman snapped back with her usual grin

“don’t think this spares you from years of villain-“

“That;s enough Canary” Wonder Woman spoke up from her place at Canary side. 

Black Canary fumed at the interruption, despite Wonder Woman’s assurances, the leader of the birds of prey had been against this “tour” from the start. Something just felt off, sure Violet Beauregarde had spent millions on the advertisement and an equal amount on setting up this tour but for what gain? Violet and her mother had disappeared for years following her successful legal challenge that brought Wonka Inc under her control and despite the reveal of her new business six months ago, Canary knew nothing of this blue skinned woman and her mother had never re-appeared. The fact that a known criminal like Catwoman had been invited to the same gates where the Justice League now stood, just made the fact worse. However, before she could speak again and air her grievances Wonder Woman continued. 

“look none of us know why we’re here, but Ms. Beauregarde has welcomed us with open arms. Still that doesn’t mean we should let our guard down. Catwoman, you can’t be foolish enough to not see the potential trap here so if you’re willing to lend a hand the league may look past you’re past” 

“okay, deal” Catwoman purred as she passed Black Canary and looked through the large blue gates in front of her “where is Ms. Beauregarde anyway?”

As if they were answering to her question, the gates in front of the five woman began to open revealing a dark purple light from within. As soon as the gates were open enough that she could fit through Catwoman slipped through the gap and was lost in the violet light before her. 

“here we go” sighed Zatannna as she and the other four woman followed suit. 

Inside, the former factory of Wonka Inc. had been completely remodelled. Purple was now the dominant colour on display and almost all of the walls were painted in a different shade. The room itself was a giant hexagon with five large but closed doors (including the one they had just entered from) filling each wall. Above each door was a different sign each displaying what lay beyond. Power Girl, Wonder Woman and Catwoman stood in front of one with a large bra painted, whilst Zatanna and Black Canary stood near a door with two lovers inter-twinned. The other two doors were painted with a pillow and a pair of underwear respectively. Directly in front of the five woman was a large spiral stair case that seemed to span upwards forever. 

“This looks almost magical” Zatanna spoke as she glanced over the strange violet stairs but she was interrupted by a high pitched giggle

“that’s because it is silly”

Descending down the stairs, was Violet Beauregarde herself. Her curvy frame just barely contained by a blue dress that showed off her impressive purple bust to the entire room. Her hair was cut short then the other woman but it still hung over her ears with a distinct fringe that was also a deep blue. Beside the beautiful but alien looking woman was an all too familiar face. 

“Ladies, Welcome to Violet’s Secret!” Violet beamed as she descended the stairs “i’m trust you all remember Vicki Vale? She toured the factory last week at my behest and she was so impressed that she decided to help out” 

“like heya!” Vicki beamed from beside the host. Despite the introduction Vicki was almost unrecognisable, her red hair was tied upwards in two silly looking pig tails, her face covered in makeup and lipstick. Her clothing too, was extremely different from her usual outfits. Most of the heroes were used to seeing Vicki Vale in a elegant business suit but here she was wearing a pair of sparkly daisy dukes and a bright blue cupcake bra that created a huge amount of cleavage. All in all, Vicki Vale now resembled a backing dancer in one of Katy Perry’s infamous videos. 

“Vicki?! What are you wearing?” Power Girl gasped

“just out latest edible range” Violet beamed “Vicki wanted to help show off some of our products thats all. As I was saying, its wonderful that you could all make it. It is my hope that Violet’s secret won’t be a secret for much longer” Violet giggled again “still you all deserve a lot of answers and hopefully this little tour will provide some.” By now Violet and Vicki had reached the bottom of the stairs and were rapidly approaching the five tour guests. Violet still smiling continued “first things first, gifts!”

With that, Vicki ran past the host her blue high heels clicking as she ran. In her hands were five styled bags of gifts and within moments she had popped a single bag into each one of the heroes open hands. 

“These are just tasters Ladies, something to wet the whistle” Violet laughed “please have a look” 

“somethings not right” Black Canary whispered but if the other heroes heard her they had chosen to ignore her. Violet looked at each of the woman’s confused faces and only smiled wider still “we tried to tailor the gifts to each of you” she spoke as she approached Power Girl. Then, without warning she reached inside the kryptonian’s gift bag and produced the product from within:

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