The Plan

by kingofthefarmyard1
Storyline Violet's Secret
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Violet smiled to herself as she closed the last of her gift box. This was it, the final stage of her plan. Finally, the heroes of this world would pay for the humiliation she had received almost 20 years ago. 

After what had happened, Violet mother had sued Wonka for everything he had and more. It had taken years but evidently they won. Charlie didn’t receive his factory, instead he went right back to the lower class and Violet and her mother got everything, the factory, the inventions, everything but the revenge Violet so desperately craved. 

Her mother had warned her not to dwell too long on their victory but how couldn’t she? Wonka had been on the Justice League’s radar for years but they had done nothing when Violet had become the berryified girl splashed across the newspapers. Violet smiled again, she was 25 now and her mother couldn’t stop her now. When Scarlett Beauregarde had met her untimely demise, Violet took control. Immediately Wonka’s factory was transformed from a chocolate paradise to a adult-themed sex shop and the corporate giant that is Violet’s Secret was born. It had taken years to adapt Wonka’s technologies to fit her new dream but eventually Violet had succeeded. Her first product, a bust increasing milk was just the begining.

This the first of her celebrity tours was to be the great unveiling of the new Violet’s Secret. Finally the world would see Violet’s true power and she would gain the revenge she had boiled over for years.

Violet sat bolt upright as spied the first of her guests arriving outside her large purple factory, her large firm blue breasts bouncing as she did. Despite her humiliation, violet’s berry past had meant that when puberty hit she quickly became the most beautiful woman in all the world. The only downside being her still deep blue skin and hair. To achieve her revenge, she just had to take a leaf out of Wonka’s book. Smiling down at the women being shown into the factories courtyard, Violet turned on her heals. This was it, showtime. 

When her mother had first sued Wonka, the Justice League had requested that his technology be turned over for the good of humanity. At that point, Scarlett and Violet had refused but the magician Zatanna didn’t let up. She had argued that Wonka had missused magic, maybe he had but she was never going to get her hands on it not in this form anyway. Violet smiled as she checked the tablet in her hand. Downstairs, Zatanna was the first guest to arrive. 

Next of the tablet born profiles, was that of the blond kryptonian known as Power Girl, she wasn’t here for a reason. Not a clear one anyway. Simply put, Violet was jealous of the magnificent breasts Power Girl insisted on showing the world. Violet’s own bust was impressive but nothing compared to Power Girls. 

The third “victim” of Violet’s tour was the master thief known as Catwoman. Sure she had turned over a new leaf in recent times but when Violet’s Secret had first opened Catwoman had attempted to acquire the technology for an outside party, she had failed of course but still she still needed to be taught a lesson. No one steals from Violet.

The final two tour members were the worst of all: Wonder Woman and Black Canary. As senior member of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey, they had done next to nothing when Wonka turned Violet into her berry alter ego. In Violet’s mind that was the worst crime imaginable and for that they too must pay. 

Breathing deeply to relax herself, Violet turned the last of the long corridors she had been striding along her long beautiful and very expensive dress swirling behind her like a deep blue wave of cloth. Her smile widened as she approached the main door, This was it, years of planning and villain training session had led to this. Revenge.

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