Max claims Mrs. Bronson for his own, Part 1

by ESchorcho
Storyline The BLISS Pleasure Cruise
Previous Chapter Max and Gigi pay Mrs. Bronson a visit

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Gigi giggled in delight at Claire’s long, desperate moan.  Max was also soaking up the once so haughty Claire Bronson losing the battle against her inner slut when he finally stepped forward.  This time Claire saw him, through blurry, sex-addled eyes.  She watched helplessly as he strode forward towards Sabrina.  He looked so powerful...

“No, not yet, my dear,” Max said in an uncaring manner, despite the ever-present smile he had for her.

“No!” Claire gasped, suddenly feeling like she had lost something oh so precious to her.  Claire watched helplessly as Max reached out and grabbed a handful of Sabrina’s poofed out hair and he pulled gently.  The nurse giggled to herself and allowed Max to guide her away from the aroused space between Claire’s outstretched thighs and up to a standing position.  For her part, Claire looked on, completely powerless, as her source of unbelievable carnal pleasure was taken away from her.  She wanted so desperately to reach out and grab Sabrina so she could keep her for her own selfish desires, but something in Max’s powerful gaze held her back.  Max looked down at the middle-aged woman and continued to smile arrogantly.  He topped this display of dominance off by pulling the sexy nurse in for a long, drawn out kiss as his hand casually caressed and massaged one of her bare, spectacular tits.

Breaking the kiss, Max looked down almost mockingly at the naked, quivering Claire Bronson and addressed her, “Do you want my dear Sabrina back, Mrs. Bronson?”

“Oh yes, Max!” Claire husked, her hands drifting down to her bald pussy at the thought of the hot and sexy Sabrina being returned to her.

“Stop that this instant,” Max ordered in a ferocious roar, and Claire shocked herself when she followed his instruction immediately.  Her hands stopped at her newly firm abdomen, before she rested them at her sides.  The fact that she had obeyed the normally suave Frenchman without a second thought wasn’t lost on the changing gold-digger and she looked up at him with worried eyes the size of saucers.

“If you want her… then sign over complete Power of Attorney to me,” Max stated, his face was dead serious.

“Y...you can’t be serious, Max,” Claire stammered, still overwhelmed at how he had just stopped her from touching herself.  Wait, why was she touching herself in front of a man that up until a few days ago had been a complete stranger to her?

“Of course I’m serious,” he said, “In fact, I have everything we need right here.” Max turned on his tablet and brought up the relevant forms until all that remained was a space for Claire’s signature.  He then fished a stylus pen out of his shirt pocket, “Here is the pen.  My attorneys drafted this so I would have complete control over your interests from here on out.  All of your interests.  Your lawyer has also reviewed the document and he has asked me to tell you that everything is in order.  Just to be clear, Claire, when I mean your interests, Claire.  I will own it all.  All of your money you will inherit when your husband dies will be mine.  And you, my sweet, will be mine.  I will in essence, own you.”

“You will own me?” Claire asked meekly.  The implications of what that meant began to wash over Mrs. Bronson’s doctored features.  She was so horny for her big-titted nurse, and she gazed up at Sabrina longingly, despite the earth-shattering news she had just heard.  Sexy Sabrina had begun to rub her own shaved, soaked pussy with one hand and feel up her big, round tits with her other hand.  Claire glanced over at the smiling face of Gigi, then roamed her eyes over her step-daughters big round tits and her soaked snatch that was visible through the flimsy material of her thong.  Closing her eyes, she shuddered, making the connection in her fevered mind.

I have big, round tits now,’ Claire thought, a naughty, proud feeling coursing through her troubled mind and body, ‘I have a shaved, soaked pussy!  Just like...

Claire opened her eyes and gasped, “Oh, Max.  What have you done?” she asked, almost begging, before moaning out desperately, “What have you done to me?”

“Absolutely nothing you didn’t want done to yourself, mon cheri,” Max answered back, “Claire, you’re happier in my world of BLISS than you ever were as a bored wife to an impotent workaholic that barely acknowledged your existence.  You have known you were meant for finer things, and I agree.  But you foolishly thought that meant wealth.  No, Claire.  Your wealth will be mine.”

Sabrina breathed a soft moan that barely registered to Max, but to Claire, sounded as loud as a bullhorn.  It caused the middle-aged woman to shudder once more with need for the nearly-naked nurse.  ‘Fuck, I’m such a slut!’ she thought to herself.  Claire kept shaking her head.  How had her plan gone so wrong?  How had she let herself be turned into a big-titted, sex-addicted tart?  She was so confused.  Her normally keen mind had been so distracted lately, she realized.  She was so lost.  It was like she was adrift in open seas, not knowing which way to turn!

There was suddenly a metaphorical life preserver that had been tossed her way.  A voice spoke to her.  Claire had to admit that it did calm her.  It reassured her.  It made her aroused.  It had a French accent, “Sign the document, Claire, and I will let you have Sabrina and so much more!  All of the finer things in life.  Your horny, whorish body will never be denied pleasure!”

Her mind then shifted suddenly, and she looked up at Max with awed, almost worshipful eyes.

Max cherished the moment.  Where there once was a cold, calculating bitch of a woman was now someone with far more simplistic in her wants and desires.  Every treatment she had taken had changed her body, but also her mind.  Some part of her had always known and accepted this, but only now, torn between all the wealth that she once desired and the winking promise of an endless supply of muscular, well-hung studs and silicone fucktoys, did she realize just how far she’d gone.

Just as before, her wide eyes darted over to Sabrina, clear desire in the lust-filled orbs.  Claire focused on the nurse’s big, clearly artificial bust and then her gaze shifted to Gigi, with her own augmented rack.  Her eyes reluctantly tore themselves away from the picture of sexual perfection that was Gigi only when  she looked down at her own pair of enhanced titties, hard nipples jutting out proudly from her smoother, hairless body.  Where as just minutes before, she had been shocked at what had been done to her, now she was proud of the work Max and his staff had done to her body.

Thanks to her treatments, she looked ten miraculous years younger, and was beginning to look like Max’s lovelies on the ship.  A warm, excited feeling began to build within her at that prospect.

BLISS had done this to her.

Max had done this for her.

Max had made her sooooo hot and sooooo sexy!

Claire realized Max was right.  Of course he was right!  She had been so unhappy as that greedy bitch of a woman, but now she was surrounded by absolute beauty.  The peak of human perfection.  She quivered realizing that she was joining that perfection.  Not only that, but Max and his staff had made sure that she was fucked almost constantly.  Her and her husband barely touched one another!  What kind of a life was that?

Max had given her such a generous gift!

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