Max claims Mrs. Bronson for his own, Part 2

by ESchorcho
Storyline The BLISS Pleasure Cruise
Previous Chapter Max claims Mrs. Bronson for his own, Part 1

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“It’s a simple thing, Claire,” Max said, and her attention snapped back to him.  To Max.  To the man that was making her so hot and so sexy!  The Frenchman continued, overjoyed at how the once confused woman was now staring up at him with the same submissive, whorish gaze of his BLISS Sluts aboard the ship,  “You can sign the paper now, and Sabrina will be right back between your legs where she belongs.  Or we can go to my office and talk this out like civilized people.  But if you choose that option, I’m afraid I’ll have to cut you off.”

“Cut me off?” Claire petulantly whined out her question.

“Yes, Claire,” Max stated, “There will be no more procedures for you.  No more Sabrina or any of my other delectable members of my staff.” He paused, deliberately, the better to sink the knife in. “And you will never see Gigi again.”

Claire looked helplessly at Max, then to Gigi and then back to Max, “Y...you can’t do that!  You can’t cut me off halfway!”

“Of course I can, Claire.  It’s my ship.  My company.  I can do whatever I want,” Max chuckled.

“But Max!  If I sign away all of my money, how will I ever pay for my treatments, Max?  I need my treatments.  I need them!” Claire whined out again.  She was fighting back tears, “I need...BLISS!”

Max smiled down at her.  There was a look in his eyes, though.  Like when a spider had cornered a fly in its web, “What would you give me for the treatments that you so passionately desire, Claire?  They are quite expensive, you know.”

“I…” Claire gasped out, her eyes darting back and forth wildly.  She was such a far departure from the composed, conniving woman she had been when she first set foot on the ship, “I have money…”

Max cut her off with a click of his tongue, “Which you’d be signing over to me, do not forget.”

“Of, of course.  How stupid of me!  I...I…,” Claire stammered helplessly.  She looked up at Max with teary eyes and batted her extra-long lashes at the man.  Despite how overwhelmed and powerless she felt at the prospect of her eventual fate, she didn’t dare cry.  She knew better than that.  It would ruin her makeup.  The vain woman instead continued to look up at him, all but lost on what to do next.  Finally, she gasped out desperately, “...what about me?”

“What about you?” Max asked, his brow furrowing.

“I’m… hot?” she asked, uncertain of her status in his eyes.  Max simply waited, but she continued anyway.

Her eyes dipped below Max’s eyes.  They were so intense.  Someone like she had become couldn’t bear to look at them directly, until she saw the throbbing erection in the CEO’s trousers.  Something then dawned on her.  Her gaze remained fixed on Max’s tented trousers, and she continued.

“I’m hot… and you want me,” she purred, her previous worries were quickly vanishing from her once troubled mind.  Claire batted her teased out lashes to clear the tears from her eyes.  She realized what she had to do.  Claire Bronson had traded her body for money before.  When she married her husband.  This was a much better trade.  Her full, glossy lips curled in a pleased smile and proceeded, “So… here’s the deal.  I want… all the treatments.  If I ask for one, I get it, no matter how expensive it is.”

“An intriguing offer,” Max murmured, a sly smile lighting his face as he realized she was past the point of no return, “What do I get from it?”

“Me,” she stated, “My treatments… for me.”

“And why do you want your treatments so bad?  Tell me.  Tell Max,” the BLISS CEO asked, appreciating the sly, knowing smile on Claire’s face.

“I said I need BLISS and I meant it, Max!” Claire rubbed her thighs together, wishing that Max would allow her to pleasure herself like Sabrina was. “ I need to be hot and sexy.  So hot and so sexy!  And I know I can only achieve that through BLISS.  I’ve come so far!”  Claire’s wanton gaze then shifted to Sabrina, “And I need to have your gorgeous sluts like Sabrina lapping at my horny little pussy with their talented tongues.  I need to be fucked by all of the men on the ship, guests and crew, it doesn’t matter.  I need to be fucked like the wanton whore I’ve become.  I need it soooo bad!”

Claire gaze then shifted over to Gigi, and she couldn’t think of any words for how much she wanted her stepdaughter.  The moment she was given permission, the moment she didn’t need to hold back anymore, that would be the time she would pounce on the succulent little trollop.  Gigi was Max’s remade slut and soon, she would be as well.  The thought was almost too delicious for the changed Claire Bronson, and she almost couldn’t fathom how wet it was making her.

“Very well.  You drive a hard bargain, Claire, but we have an accord.  Sign here, and all the treatments you want will be yours,” Max grinned, presenting the electronic pen and tablet.

“But...shouldn’t we get everything we just discussed in writing, Max?” Claire asked, a final gasp of defiance and thought before it disappeared forever in a tidal wave of BLISS.

“There is no need, Claire.  Don’t you trust me?” he asked, and Claire looked up at him briefly.  She grabbed the pen out of his hand and signed her name frantically on the electronic tablet.  It was done.  The entire Bronson fortune was his!  He was absolutely ecstatic, but then he remembered a small matter at hand.

“You know, Claire, now that I have full control over your affairs, I don’t feel it would be appropriate for you to ever call me Max ever again.  I think there is a far better title that suits our relationship going forward,” he said with a smirk.

Claire thought long and hard, before realization suddenly dawned on her face.  Her eyes became half-lidded, and she gazed up at the man that now controlled her life.  She pursed her plump lips for a moment, before she perked up, and smiled upwards. “Of course...my Master!”

It felt so right to call Max her Master. So natural.  It was as if she had always belonged to him, she just had never realized it, “Anything you say, Master.”

“Such a good slut.  My slut!” Max said, rubbing her face with the back of his hand.  Claire simply sat on the bed and smiled up at him.  She not only didn’t flinch at his touch or at what he was calling her, but instead she yearned for him all the more.  He was her Master and she, now honored in her new role as BLISS Slut, knew her role and knew it well, “I will tell the other nurses to prepare you for another treatment,”  He then gripped Sabrina by the shoulders, stopping her masturbation.  The nurse slut whined out, but then made eye contact with the newly-enslaved Claire.  The pair eye-fucked one another, before Claire’s horny gaze turned towards Max.  She silently begged him, and Max ate up her new lease on life.  He laughed out, “But first, a promise is a promise.  Isn’t that right, my sluts?”

“Yes, Master!” Sabrina, Gigi and Claire all husked out in perfect unison.  Claire flashed a sleezy, giddy smile knowing that she was finally one of these hot and sexy women that served her Master.

Max nodded his head and made for the medical room’s door.  Before he left, however, he glanced back.  Claire sat on the bed with her legs still lewdly spread wide.  Sabrina advanced on her, once more sliding down to the wet space between the woman’s thighs.  The second the sexy nurse’s tongue hit Claire’s pussy, the middle-aged newly-minted BLISS Slut knew she had made the right choice.  She was in utter ecstacy!  Claire writhed and moaned as she felt her body overcome with the pleasurable sensations she was experiencing.  Gone were any thoughts of money.  The concept would soon mean nothing to her.  She moaned out in whorish rapture as Sabrina continued to lick her clit for all it was worth.

Claire barely registered the movement to her left.  When she saw Gigi advancing upon her, it was almost too much for the overwhelmed middle-aged woman.  She turned her head to see Gigi next to her.  Gigi and Claire gazed whorishly into each other’s eyes for a few seconds.  It no longer mattered to either woman what they had been in the past.  Whatever relationship they may have had.  Any hard feelings one may have had for the other.  Now was all that mattered, and both knew that they belonged to Max.  Claire’s loud, whorish moans were soon silenced briefly as Gigi pulled her former stepmother-turned BLISS Slut in for a long, drawn out, kiss.  The long-awaited sensation was too much for Claire, and she came hard, her juices flooding Sabrina’s mouth.  But that release was just the beginning for the horny trio.  Claire and Gigi continued to make out with one another, their hands feasting on one another’s augmented tits and smooth skin even as Sabrina continued her erotic work.  The big-titted nurse’s fingers pushed into Gigi’s smooth and hairless pussy, and soon, both corrupted step-mother and step-daughter were humping away.  One at Sabrina’s talented tongue and the other at the nurse’s long-nailed fingers.  Both appreciated Sabrina’s very unique bedside manner!  Throughout the whole experience, all Claire could do was to moan out like the whore she had become under BLISS.

Max looked on.  Claire would soon be perfect, just like Sabrina and Gigi.  Soon, he would have three more perfect women serving him.  He finally turned to exit.

Soon, Pepper Potts, Ororo Monroe and Kitty Pryde would truly know BLISS.

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