More Mayhem in and out of cowl

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Dropping By
Characters Batman Catwoman
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter Sparrow, Swan, Lark and Chickadee are all listening to music on the phone the mystery woman gave them

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Dick walked out of the elevator to the sight of Barbara in a black zenti suit.  Only her head was exposed, and while she wasn’t wearing makeup, Dick thought she was beautiful. 

“Hay there, Dick,” Barbara called, “Come over here.”

Dick walked over to where Barbara was standing and stood in front of her.  Barbara did a high kick with her left leg and put her foot on dick’s shoulder.  Barbara began leaning in forward and got face to face with Dick.

“Oh close enough to…” Dick started before Barbara cut him off with a kiss.

After a long moment of kissing, Barbara leaned back just enough to keep her face to face with Dick she put her arms around him. 

“What’s with the outfit?” Dick asked.

“I picked it up since I figured you bat boys like your ladies in black, semi-shiny, and skin tight outfits, you would like this.  Now what do you say?”

“I would say that Bruce is into ladies in skin tight black shiny outfits,” Dick said, “I am into smart, cute, sexy, red haired geniuses.” 

“Want to see how far this zipper goes?” Barbara whispered as she poked Dick with her big toe of her foot on Dick’s shoulder.

An alert pinged from the terminal and both sighed.  Barbara leaned back and did a back flip to the terminal.

“Time for you to put on your black outfit,” Barbara looked at the information on the screen.


Batman and Nightwing arrived at the drug den at the same time.  The den was typically used by about ten or more people on a given night, but there were only three bodies.  Both looked around and started collecting evidence.

“What do we have?” Barbara called over the communications link.

“Stephan, Hendrix and it looks like Squeaky Twitch are dead,” Dick said, “Looks like everyone else hot footed it out of here in a hurry Oracle.”

“Double taps to the head,” Batman noted aloud, “Must have been in very rapid succession.  Stephan must have been first, Hendrix started to reacted, and this guy was last.”

“Found some casings,” Nightwing picked up the brass, “This is weird, the stamp on the case just says nine ex nineteen and the X-Men logo.”

Batman came back after pulling something from the wall.

“NATO cross stamp,” Batman looked at the stamp, “This is not a NATO round.  There is no date or armory code and this is a partial jacketed hollow point.”

“So this is some sort of custom round?” Barbara asked.

“Police use hallow points,” Nightwing interjected.

“What’s so important about hallow points?” Barbara asked.

“It expands on impact so it is more effective,” Nightwing reiterated the Police Training blurb, “The Cavity in the nose causes the round to flatten out dumping more energy into the target, creating a bigger injury, and reducing over penetration to prevent bystanders from getting hit too.”

“But not with armor penetrator spikes,” Batman said, “And legal militaries use full metal jacket rounds to comply with The Hague convention.  These have to be custom made at every level.”

“Wait,” Nightwing looked around some more, “Why kill Twitch?  Stephan had a shoulder holster with a hand cannon, Hendrix was pulling a Glock out of his pants…. Twitch isn’t a threat, look at him, he is a pin cousin.  You could run the Superbowl throw here and he wouldn’t have realized it.”

“Nightwing is right,” Barbara spoke up, “Last time I arrested him, it was for masturbating in public and all it took to stop him was a tap on the shoulder and a disappointed look.  That guy is useless as a crook… err well, was.  Still not a reason to kill him.”

“Maybe that is why the Jungle boots killed him,” Batman looked at back at the foot prints in the rug,

“She killed the Malcom, but left the rest of his crew alive.  She kills Stephan and Hendrix.  Those three are the leaders of their drug gangs… But Williamson is a burned out druggy, not criminal material.”

“You think Jungle Boots is recruiting?” Barbara asked from the clock tower.

“So then Racheal left out the sales pitch,” Dick noted. 

“Why would she have admitted to that?” Barbara pointed out.


Racheal had the ear buds in as she preened in front of the mirror.  She was surprised that the phone had an active credit card linked to it.  For some reason she had gone shopping today and bought navy BDUs, boots, black spandex balaclavas, blue spandex catsuits and leotards.  Racheal put her hand down her pants and started petting herself.  For some reason she started thinking about how sexy and domineering the black leather bitch who killed Malcom was.


Bruce walked in at about ten thirty in the morning, and much to his relief there was no blaring music.  Miss Gates looked up from her computer as soon as the elevator opened and smile at Bruce.

“Good Morning Mister Wayne,” Miss Gate smiled, “Miss Cisnarova asked that I give you this as soon as you came in.”

Bruce smiled and took the folder.  He opened it and looked at the print outs.  It was a series of memos and schedules.  According to the paperwork she was at meeting with the Friends of the Police charity about the Wayne Foundation sponsored annual fund raiser Policeman’s Ball.

“Any messages Miss Gates?” Bruce asked.

“Mr. Fox from Wayne Industries called,” Miss Gates smiled, “The Message is on your desk.  He was curious about the Policeman’s Ball, and a Ms. Brown called in regards to Miss. Brown and Mr. Drake.”

“Thank you,” Bruce smiled.

Bruce went in his office and called Steph’s mom, she was going out of town and Barbara had offered to let Steph stay with her, but she was concerned that this was all a ploy so she could spend the weekend playing hide the sausage with Tim.  Bruce assured her that the only one Alfred would let have an adult relationship in Wayne manner was Master Bruce after he married a Mrs. Bruce Wayne, and Barbara was the cop’s daughter.  Bruce called Lucius and let him know that as soon as Ana came back he would see what was going.  Bruce looked at the emails.  There was one from Oracle in regards to the forensic report from the night before.  Another was from Lois Lane asking for a quote about a bid by Wayne Industries to build a college computers building in Metropolis.  Bruce opened another email from Bill Gates asking about a scholarship program he was setting up. 

At about eleven of five heard the elevator ding and smelled a mixture of lialacs, roses and rubber.

“Send her in,” Bruce called to Miss Gates.

“Yes Mister Wayne,” Miss Gates called back, “Go right in.”

The clicking of heels heralded Selina’s arrival.  Bruce looked up and then looked back down into his palms.  Selina was dressed as black rubber femdom porn school teacher.  Black heels, black rubber miniskirt, black rubber button down blouse, black rubber tie, glasses and long blonde hair in pony tail.

“What?” Selina said.

“I sometimes who is crazier,” Bruce started, “Laughing boy, you for your crazy ideas, or me for going along with them.  What was going throw your head when you got dressed?”

“I was thinking your Playboy image could use a Dominatrix for lunch,” Selina smiled as she sat on his desk.


“Hay, you can’t deny that I am bringing enough sexy for everyone today,” Selina leaned forward for a kiss.

“Please tell me that is a wig,” Bruce said.

There was a ding of the elevator.

“Greetings Miss Gates,” Ana’s Austrian accented voice boomed, “Is Mister Wayne in?”

“Yes Miss Cisnarova,” the secretary said, “He is with someone.”

“Mister Wayne?” Ana called as she knocked on his door.

“Looks like I’m not the only one bringing sexy back,” Selina noted looking at Ana.

Ana was dressed in a pair of black riding boots, tight black leather jeans, and a white blouse with the top three buttons open.

“Anastasia Cisnarova this is Selina Kyle,” Bruce smiled, “Miss Kyle is a solicitor for various environmental and animal charities, and when she isn’t doing that she moonlights as the bane an arch-villain out to destroy my reputation and respectability.”

“Moonlights is too strong,” Selina giggled, “It’s really just a hobby.”

“And here I thought Casual Friday was a lot more casual then I had been told. Which charity are you representing today?” Ana asked.

“Oh today I am just torturing Bruce,” Selina smiled back at Bruce, “How much do you want to bet he doesn’t leave his desk now for an hour?”

Ana arched an eyebrow.

“Excuse me,” Miss Gates said knocking on the door and stepping in, “Mister Wayne, Mister Grayson is on the phone for you.”

All three looked as the secretary and she felt very self-conscience in her regular jeans and loose turtle neck sweater.

“Have fun with Dick Bruce,” Selina smiled at the woman, “I was going to play pattycake with you in the bathroom, but I am going to steal your secretary.”

Bruce watched Selina stalk out of the room after Miss Gates retreated.  Ana watched her and then turned back to Bruce.

“Are you two serious?” she asked.

“What is the meme going around?” Bruce asked, “Hashtag It’s Complicated.”

“I am going to check on Miss Gates,” Ana dashed off.

Bruce picked up the phone.

“Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow…” Dick sang into the microphone.

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