(DC) Ana takes Miss Gates shopping for office atire at a fetish store

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Dropping By
Characters Batman Catwoman
Category M/F Mind Control
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Bruce got up to go to the bathroom, he looked out the open door to see what was the result of Selina and Ana chasing after Miss Gates.  Miss Gates sat at her desk with her cheeks red.  Bruce walked out into the small reception area. 

“I am sorry about Miss Kyle,” Bruce said quietly to Miss Gates, “I know she can be rather… eccentric and overly forward.”

“Mister Wayne,” Miss Gats smiled, “I do have a daughter, and let’s just say her father had unrealistic ideas about fetish relationships.  No Mister Wayne, Miss Kyle’s outfit doesn’t bother me… I feel jealous.  I wish I was as confident and self-assured as they are.  I know I wouldn’t look anywhere as near as good in an outfit like Miss Cisnarova or Miss Kyle.”

“Well Miss Gates,” Bruce put on a silly but slightly stern look, “We did not hire you as a pity case.  We hire based on Merit and Potential.  We promote based on outstanding performance.  So the fact you are sitting in this chair means we expect a lot out of you and you do step up to the plate every day.”Miss Gates gave Bruce as sheepish smile.  Ana stuck her head out her door.

“Can I have a word with you Bruce?” Ana asked. 

Bruce smile at Miss Gates and walked into the other executive office.  Ana was gathering a few things into her messenger bag.

“I will be taking Miss Gates with me for a little side project for the rest of the afternoon as long as you have no objections,” Ana stated rather than asked.

“That’s fine,” Bruce said, “I was going to go talk to Lucius and call it a day.”

“I already informed him about the ticket arrangements for the police ball.  Is Miss Kyle local?” Ana asked.

“Ah,” Bruce wasn’t sure where this was going, “She is local but tends to do a lot of traveling…”

“I would like to speak with her and apologize,” Ana said, “Earlier I said something unprofessional towards her, I do owe her an apology.  What will you be wearing to the ball next week?”

“Ah a suit,” Bruce said in his fop act, “Maybe one with a tie.”

“Tell Mister Pennyworth I have no objections to being your date,” Ana grabbed her coat, “But I need him to pick out your suit tonight so I won’t have a clashing dress.  This wasn’t your idea was it?”

“Oh,” Bruce smirked, “Alfred is just trying to keep me out of trouble.  I will pass along your truce flag to Selina, but she might have had her eyes on me taking her to the ball.”

Ana walked past Bruce towards the door, and smiled.

“You have my number Mister Wayne,” Ana smiled, “I hope you don’t get into too much trouble this weekend.  Miss Gates! Gather your things I have a project this afternoon and you are coming with me.”

“Yes Miss Cisnarova.”

Bruce went back into his office, he grabbed the special phone from his pocket and hit the contact icon and dialed Lucius.

“Lucius,” Bruce smiled, “Ana told you about the tickets for the Policeman’s Ball?  If she is out of town then who are taking?  I think your wife will be ok with you taking her, she is your daughter after all.  Looks like Alfred asked Ana to be my date.  Yeah, having a professional date would allow me to be the fop and not have fallout over ditching her in the middle of the ball.  Selina is back in town.  Double date?  Yeah that would help the playboy image, but I am not sure Ana or Selina would like that.  I would be in almost as much trouble as you are.  Good job shutting down the Black Lives Matter protesters this morning, everyone has been wanting to call them quote ignorant racists niggers unquote and you are pretty much immune to much of the normal accusations of racism that get hurled around.  I liked the White George Washington Carver reference. Ana grabbed Miss Gates for something and walked out of here, I am about to head out myself.  Call me if you need me.”


“Sarah, relax darling,” Ana smiled looking at the secretary, “Trust me this will do wonders for you. What do you think?”

“If I wasn’t gay as a rainbow, I’d be on my hands and knees for you,” the store clerk said next to the mirror, “and if looked half as good as you straight guys would be chasing me.”

“Darling, please get a leather skirt, knee length and a vinyl blouse.  Something in femdom librarian,”

Ana requested the store clerk.

“But Miss Cisnarova,” Miss Gates tried to protest.

“Relax.” Ana cut her off, “We need to see how the corset sits under office clothes and since this shop doesn’t have office wear, those are the next best things.  We are here to get you the right foundation wear.  A corset can so much for you, it improves your figure, your posture and can give you a boast in confidence.  Trust me I have noticed you admiring my figure, what do you think I am wearing under this suit.  Once we are done here, the next place is where I get my suits.  Wear this next week at the office and you’ll see how much better people treat you and how much better you feel about yourself.  And while we are out call me Ana.”


“Hi mommy! WOW!” Lisa, Sarah Gate’s daughter was amazed as her mom entered.

“Hay honey!” Sarah Gates smiled, “Miss Cisnarova thought I needed to change up my work wardrobe.  What do you think?”

Miss Gates did a spin showing off the grey pin-stripe silk skirt suit, with matching grey satin blouse and black satin tie.  Her daughter clapped and looked at the new shoes.

“You look you should be running the Wayne Foundation mommy!” Lisa called.

“Grab your coat honey we are going out to eat tonight!” Sarah Gates smiled at her daughter.

As her girl went to grab her coat Sarah thought about the self-help discs Miss Cisnarova had given her, she would listen to them tonight. Sarah put the bags of cloths in her room and wondered about the leather suit Ana had set out for her to wear next Friday.


Anastasia danced on the floor enjoying the attention and lust she was commanding from the guys and girls.  A child of the sixties, she had used the antiaging system that Cobra had stolen from to keep her looking like she was in her late twenties.  And her slick and clingy latex mini dress help her command everyone’s attention. 

“Hello there,” a young man smiled at her, “I’m James, want a drink?”


Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing were on patrol, and according to Oracle it was fairly average for Gotham on a Friday night, sadly enough.


Baroness was smiled as she flicked on the lights.  James was a lawyer and excellent material.  She pulled off her coat and turned back to James and kissed him.

“Take off your pants and sit in that recliner over there,” she ordered, “Wild Turkey is ok?”

“Yes ma’am,” James giggled. 

Baroness poured two shots and walked back to man in her chair.  Both did their shots then she took the glasses and put them on the counter and went back to the chair.

“Hands on the rests and feet at the indents Darling,” Baroness ordered the pants-less man.

He complied as she climbed up on to him.  He reached to grab her, and she intercepted his hands and put them back on the arm rests of the chair.  She then reached behind his head and pressed a button on the back of the head rest.  The cuffs snapped over his wrists and ankles and then the helmet over his head.

“Enjoy darling,” Baroness grabbed a ball gag and shoved it in his mouth, “By the time the Brainwave scanner is done with you, you will be my special plaything in deed darling.”


Racheal stood at attention in front of the mirror.  She was listening to a military march she had ripped on to her phone after her shopping at the surplus store.  She was modeling the black load bearing chest rig and combat belt with black AK magazine pouches that she had bought.  She didn’t own any guns, but she had felt compelled to buy them and somehow knew how put it all together.  She couldn’t wait to model it for that woman that had given her the phone.  She had realized she had been listening to music over the phone for 36 hours straight.


Tim walked out of the shower in the locker room of the cave.  Bruce was putting up his cape and cowl.

“Hay Bruce,” Tim asked, “How do you manage dealing with a girl’s disapproving parents?”

“Not get caught fucking their daughter in the kitchen,” Bruce quipped.

“You heard about that?” Tim asked.

“The entire city heard her screaming,” Dick said as he walked in, “I heard about it from Kara who was over Australia at the time.”

Bruce glared at Dick, and then Dick sighed.

“OK,” Dick said, “I was hanging out with Barbara when I heard about it.”


Bruce was woken up at about noon, Alfred handing him a cup of coffee.

“Your guest is in the pink room,” Alfred smiled, “Don’t bother getting changed.”


Anastasia drank a glass of doctor pepper as she walked over to the brainwave scanner and the victim held inside.  She was dressed casually, black leather pants, leather corset, black turtle neck.  She pulled her glasses off and leaned in close, she kissed her victim before she leaned back and put her glasses back on.  She reached back and hit the release button on the back of the recliner.  The recliner returned to upright and the restraints released.

“Hail Cobra,” The man said as he came too, “Hail Baroness!”

“Get up my Crimson Guard,” Baroness addressed the man, “How do you feel about me now James?”

“Commander Baroness,” James stood up and gave a Cobra Salute, “You are my commander and I pledge my life and body to your service.”

Baroness looked at the man and his large erection, she smiled.

“Go take a shower and then report to my bed,” Baroness ordered, “Naked.”

She watched as the he marched off.  Maybe she should institute a special service uniform for her “personal staff,” something in the bedroom fun department.


Dick stumbled down the hall towards the kitchen, in front of him Bruce was walking in his bathrobe.  Bruce stopped and walked into the Rose Bedroom.  Dick arched an eyebrow but continued walking and smiled as he heard a loud “Meow” from behind the door.


Steph woke to the sounds of four or five radios competing with each other.  She got up and made her way to the apartment’s kitchen, finding herself a breakfast pastry and some juice.  She went up to the Clock Tower lair of Oracle.

“Hay Babs?” Steph called, “HAY BABS!”

She continued up as Barbara sat at a desk with headphones and speakers blasting everywhere.  Steph walked over and tapped Barbara on the shoulder, still now response.  She grabbed Barbara’s shoulder and called again.

“Hay Babs.”

“What?” Barbara snapped out of her seeming trance.

“You were in la-la-land there,” Steph said as took another drink of juice, “What’cha working on?”

“Oh, I think I stumbled onto a computer virus scam in radio streaming for Gotham’s radio stations,” Barbara said, “But the funny thing is it just seems to play with the bass settings.”

“Riddler? Music Miester?” Steph asked.

“Nigerian Prince?” Barbara shot back, “It’s about that useless.”

“Oh,” Steph quickly forgot about the signals when she saw the doorbell camera, “Tim!”

“Condoms are in the drawer by the dishwasher,” Barbara said.


Sarah Gates smiled at her daughter practicing marching, she looked so cute in her dancing tights and rubber rain boots.  Maybe a part of her wondered where this was coming from, but she didn’t think about it. 


James was proving to be rather resilient, after some bondage and a cock ring.  Baroness was riding him for her ninth big O.


Bruce and Selina were eating a lunch for dinner in the kitchen with Alfred.

“So,” Bruce spoke up, “I understand I have a date for the Policeman’s ball Alfred.  Ana asked you to pick out what suit I would be wearing so she could get a matching dress.”

“Oh?” Selina asked, her interest piqued, “I’m not your date?”

“The request came before you resurfaced,” Alfred spoke up, “The thinking was if Master Bruce appeared with Miss Cisnarova, a fellow on the board and in Fop act, then there would be less trouble with celebrity gossip as there is no romantic involvement even implied.”

“Well Ana wants to apologize to you for being unprofessional yesterday,” Bruce said, “Wait till you hear this lovely idea Lucius came up with… Bruce the Playboy should do a double date with Ana Cisnarova and Selina Kyle.”

“So Lucius is taking Ana or Me?” Selina asked.

“No Lucius is taking his daughter since his wife is out of town,” Bruce said, “He wants me to be both your dates.”

“I’m sure a lot of cops wouldn’t mind a cat fight if there was a large tub of jello,” Selina snickered, “Alfred what do… yeah, never mind.”

Alfred’s glare spoke volumes of his disapproval.


Robin and Nightwing were patrolling Gotham on a Saturday night.  They came across a group in a back alley way.  It was two of the junior cult gangs; Deadly Questions and Laughing Stock.  The Riddler Fangirls and Joker roleplayers were circled around two teenagers in the middle dancing around each other doing fisticuffs nonsense.  The sixteen or so kids were egging them on. 

“Fight, fight, fight, fight!” Nightwing started cheering from behind them.

“Kick his ass!” one of the Fangirls shouted.

“Beat that bitch bloody!” a Roleplayer cried in response.

“Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” Robin and Nightwing chanted.

They kept chanting as the gathered teenagers realized that the fight chant wasn’t coming from them.

“Fight! Fight! Fight…” Nightwing stopped when they all looked at him, “What? I’m not allowed to enjoy watching a good fight?”

“Get them!” one of the Riddler Fangirls shouted.

Robin and Nightwing pulled out batons and leaped into the mob and started knocking them out left and right.


Penguin walked into the breakroom where Chickadee and Swallow adjusting their outfits before returning to their shifts after their lunch break.

“Chickadee,” Penguin intoned, “You still have that phone the lady gave us?”

“Yes sir,” Chickadee snapped formally.

“When you get a chance text her that we are working on it and that I am coordinating a shipment form a vendor,” Penguin signed, “Have I mentioned that I hate dealing with these ‘rogue Venezuelan military’ types before?”

“Fourteen times this week sir,” Lark said formally.

“Well allow me to repeat it for a fifteenth time,” Penguin sighed, “I hate dealing with these ‘Rogue Venezuelan Military types…  We’ll call her when they give us a delivery date.”

Penguin turned and walked out in a tired and distraught waddle.

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