(DC) Riddler is plotting his next crimewave and is ready to make a grand entrance

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Dropping By
Previous Chapter (DC) Ana takes Miss Gates shopping for office atire at a fetish store

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Miss Gates smiled to herself.  Each day this week she had worn an outfit that Miss Cisnarova had bought for her and each day she got more and more complements.  Turns out she was right; the corset did help her posture. Monday had been the grey pin-stripe silk skirt suit, Tuesday had been a Black cotton skirt suit with a knee length pencil skirt, Wednesday had been a black silk pantsuit and knee boots, Thursday had red satin skirt suit with an a-line skirt and red heeled boots, and today she made Mr. Wayne’s jaw drop.  She stood up again to admire her outfit again, black leather over the knee boots with kitten heels, fishnets, a black crocodile leather tube skirt, a while leather bustier, a black crocodile leather jacket and a new pair of glasses to complete the Corporate Dominatrix look as Miss Cisnarova called it.  Although she had to admit that Miss Cisnarova was dressed as the queen corporate dominatrix.  Black knee boots, black latex pencil skirt, a red latex turtle neck, a black latex jacket and small square glasses.  She remembered how much laughing and giggling Miss Cisnarova and Miss Kyle had been doing when they returned from dress shopping on Monday and wondered just what they had planned for the Policeman’s Ball tonight.


Baroness sat at the desk in her fetish outfit and smiled to herself.  While she hadn’t been able to infect Selina Kyle’s or Bruce Wayne’s phones and other equipment, she could tell that her programs had infected Alfred Pennyworth’s personal electronics and were working him over pretty hard.  She smiled to herself, James was proving very valuable too.  Not only was he a fine specimen of man, a loyal servent, a junior partner in one of the cities law firms and an easily trained lover but he was married to a smoking hot Latina CPA on the Mayor’s staff.  Now that they her Crimson Guards she needed to work on uniforms.  She thought about her first batch of Cobra goons.  They should be about ready to swear loyalty to her even without activation.  The little birds had messaged that their “boss” had a deal lined up but was waiting on the suppliers to deliver them.  So far the Bat had no idea she was building her empire in his city.  If she was right, he was sitting in his office right now plotting how to embarrass himself tonight so no one would suspect Bruce Wayne was the bat.  Then again, Bruce Wayne not be the bat and just suppling him with funds.  She had used her job here to look at both the Wayne Foundation and Wayne Enterprises finances and found the hints, but not the “smoking gun” as the saying goes.  Baroness smiled again as she thought about her agent in the next room.  It was clear that Sarah Gates, the secretary she shared with Bruce had been listening to the “Self-help” CDs that Baroness supplied her with.  And soon she would be ready to activate as well.

“Miss Gates please come in here and close the door behind you,” Ana called in a sickening sweat voice.

“Yes Miss Cisnarova,” the secretary called before she appeared in the door way and closed the door behind her, “You called Miss Cisnarova?”

“I wanted to talk to you for a moment before I go home to get ready for the ball tonight,” She smiled at the leather clad secretary, “How would you say your week has gone, Anaconda?”

The last word caused the leather secretary to slip into a light trance, her shoulder lagged slightly and her eyes dulled. 

“Excellent Miss Cisnarova,” she answered in a soft but chipper voice, “I have been feeling better and better and everyone is complementing me.  I have to admit, I think a couple of guys and maybe one or two ladies snuck pictures of me to masturbate to after work.  It feels so empowering.”

“Have you been listening to the self-help discs?” Ana asked.

“Yes, every night with my daughter,” Lisa said, “We put them on as we cook dinner together each night.”

“Hmm,” Ana had a devious idea, “Here tonight you will transfer your old phone to this one and give this pink one to your daughter.  This is a bonus, take your daughter out shopping tonight and then to a nice dinner.  The two of you will know which shops and what to buy darlings.”

“Thank you ma’am,” Lisa took the card and the two boxes from her boss.

“Now Miss Gates,” Baroness started speaking louder, “I am about to head home to prepare for the Policeman’s ball, if you have any questions before I leave for the weekend, now is the time to ASP them.”

Lisa went back to normal as her brain snapped fully awake.  While she remembered talking with her boss and the instructions she had received, she had given completely honest answers and had been helpless to disobey her manipulator.

“Have a nice night Miss Cisnarova,” Miss Gates smiled, “And thank you.  Have a good weekend.”

“Thank you,” Ana stayed pleasant, “Oh and I arranged for your work clothes for next week to be delivered Sunday afternoon.”

Her secretary walked back to her desk and Ana thought about staying in character in a building filled with police officers.  She took a deep breath and got up, her suit making a rucuss as she did.  She walked over to Bruce’s office to see him talking on his personal cell phone. He looked at her and waved for her to come in.  He moved the phone to keep his ear to the it but moved the mic away from his mouth.

“What’s up?” Bruce asked.

“I am heading home to get ready for the ball,” Ana smiled, “I will let Alfred know when I am ready.”

“OK,” Bruce smiled.

He watched as Ana turned on her heels and strutted out of the office.  He wondered just what Selina and Ana had planned for tonight.

“So like I was saying,” Bruce went back to his phone.


“… This is the Policeman’s Ball,” Bruce spoke over the phone line, “And every one in the history of Gotham has been crashed by some sort of masked maniac so I want you at the clock tower watching the news just in case.  Have Tim ready to come pick me up just in case.”

“Right Bossman,” Dick said over the chaos around him, “You want me to call up Kate as well?”

“Kate will be there tonight since Kane memorial is another cosponsor.”

“Yeah, Right,” Dick sighed, “Tell her I said hi.”

“Dick,” Barbara said from the stairs, “If you guys order pizza tonight make sure you get rid of any trace of your anchovies and pineapple pizzas before I get home.  Is that Bruce?”

“Say Hi Bruce,” Dick held up the phone.

“Hello Barbara,” Bruce’s voice came over the speaker function, “I take it you will be joining your father?”

“Yep boss,” Barbara said, “Don’t worry I will be wearing my long underwear if you know what I mean. Stephanie, I know you aren’t eating Cheetos at my personal terminal!”

Dick rolled his eyes and went back to the phone call.

“Are you sure that a double date of Selina and Cisnarova is a good idea?” Dick asked.

“Help! Dick cover my retreat!” Tim dashed past him.

“Timothy Drake! You are a dead bird!” Barbara shouted from the kitchen.

“So you heading back to the manor?” Dick continued to talk to Bruce.

“No I will head up to the penthouse and change,” Bruce said, “Alfred will be around to pick up the ladies before stopping by to pick me up.”


Oswald Cobblepot was very happy as he surveyed his kingdom, it looked to be a promising Friday night.  While he had brokered the deal with the Venezuelans for the leather lady, he had also ran a deal to get them to supply him with Chinese assault rifles.  For some reason his birds were acting weird, like they were his loyal soldiers and he was their commanding officer.  He didn’t mind the fact that they would stand at attention when talked to them, standing up straight and jutting their chests out so he got a real eyeful.  While the crème de la crème would be at the policeman’s ball, the rich twits would be coming to his lounge and the scum would stop by his bars across the city. 

“Penguin Sir,” Chickadee called from behind him, “The buyer wants an update on the delivery.”

“Tell her that they should be docking Monday Morning,” Penguin smiled.

“Sir, yes Sir!”

“And Chickadee,” Penguin called, “take an extra hundred out of the deposits for yourself tonight. You have been a real asset.”

“Thank you Sir!” Chickadee barked.


“Are we ready for the party ladies?”

“You bet boss,” Query snickered as she loaded her machinegun.

“Ready to rock and roll!” Echo smiled as she loaded her M16.

“Daddy!” Enigma, “How come I only get a .22? This sucks!”

“Dear,” Riddler patted his daughter on the head, “The American 180 Submachine gun might be chambered in twenty-two long rifle but with two hundred and seventy-five rounds in its’ pan magazines and a one thousand two hundred rounds per minute rate of fire means that while you are armed with a .22 you are armed with a buzz saw.”

“Yeah runt,” Query smiled, “In the time it takes me to squeeze off a three round burst you unleashed enough rounds to shred any soft body armor that the pigs are wearing.”



Alfred didn’t say anything when he opened the door for Selina.  He didn’t even arch an eyebrow when he opened the door for Anastasia.  He smiled as Bruce walked out the front door of Wayne Tower towards the limo. Bruce arched an eyebrow as Alfred reached for the door handle.

“Brucie!” Ana and Selina called from the limo.

Bruce looked in the limo and was greeted by the sight of the two women in matching shiny black Jessica Rabbit Dresses.  In spite of his fears it looked like they were made of sequins and not anything that would get them kicked out of the ball.


Dick played with the cowl, with Bruce as the guest of honor, when some whack job showed all eyes would be looking for him.  Dick waited in the Batsuit that had been made for him so he could be Batman when times like these required it.  Steph had answered the door since she had been able to toss a sweatshirt and pants over her Batgirl catsuit.  He watched the security camera feeds of the City Center Building.  He almost did a spit take when he saw a familiar red head entering a side door with three ladies.

“Finish your slice and grab your gear!” Dick shouted at the love birds behind them, “We got a Riddler sighting!”


“Shit!” Bruce breathed as the short red head shoved the muzzle of the submachine gun in his face.“Howdy Mister Wayne!” Enigma smiled, “Daddy wants a word with you and your lady friend.”

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