Ami's Corruption

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline Chaos Returns! Mercury's Sailor Sluts
Characters Sailor Mercury
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It was a quiet night in Tokyo. It had been for most nightsever since Usagi had defeated Chaos at the Galaxy Caulderon. Years had passed, but aside from the ocassional monster, the senshi had been able to live in peace. Ami, Mako, Minako, Usagi, and Rei had all graduated from high school, how adults, but all still their same selves. However things were about the change. Drifting through space was the remaining fragment of Chaos, the god of evil and darkness. The infinitly small portion of it's power drifted, it's conciousness lost, and only it in it's purest form, evil power itself remained. FInally after these three years, the dark energy drifted into Earth's atmosphere. Crashing down, the small portion of the once dark entity survived in a crystalized form.

That night, Ami Mizuno, also known as Sailor Mercury, the brains of the team was walking home from university, when she looked down and saw a purple and black shard in the ground. Picking it up, she looked it over.

"What....is this?" she asked herself. "I've never seen any kind of stone like it. I should geta better look at it." Ami put it in her pocket and continued to walk home. When she arrived, she pulled out a microscope and began to study the gemstone she had found. However, it's molecular makeup was unlike any she had ever seen. Hours passed, and despite her IQ of 300 she could not even begin to make heads or tails of the odd stone. She could tell it was special, magical even. But she was not having any luck. It had gotten late, and Ami decided to take a rest. Maybe in the morning she could figure it out.

After changing into his silk pajamas, Ami got in her bed, and quickly went to sleep. As she slept, the dark crystal began to glow emitting an odd purple light that enveloped the room. From it, a small dark figure appeared and upon seeing Ami, dissappeared, and entering her mind.

(Ami's Mind)

Ami was having a dream of spending time with her friends. It had been so long since they just had a day to hang out since they all graduated high school, and the only time they often saw one another was the ocassional monster attack. They were in a field, under a large tree, enjoying a picnic. Usagi was stuffing her face with the food that Mako had made, while Rei insulted her for being such a pig. Minako just laughed. Ami just sat their, enjoying her friends company.

However, things were not calm for long. THe sky turned dark, and time froze. Usagi, Mako, Minako, and Rei vanished, and the world turned cold. Ami stood up, alone and scared. "What....what's going on?" she said.

"Sailor Mercury, huh......I guess you'll have to do?" a demonic voice said

"That..that voice." Ami said, shocked as she took a step back. "It.......it can't be." Not taking any chances Ami raised her hand to the sky and called out "Mercury Star Power, Make Up!". Her clothers soon replaced themselves with a sailor fuku. Her shoes became a pair of knee-high blue boots, and gloves appeared on her arms. On her forehead appeared a tiara. "Show yourself......Chaos!"

The dark figure appeared in front of her as a dark mass. Not shape. No form. Just darkness.

"I thought Usagi got rid of you for good."

"Simple girl. I am evil at it's very core. I can not be destroyed. However, I can not do anything in my current state. In fact, I dare say it will take thousands, possibly millions of years for me to regain my strength."

"What are you doing here!" Ami demanded.

"I have drifted in space for years, but I need a vessal to truly return."

"You are not going to have my body to destory my friends with!"

"Oh, I think you misunderstand Mercury." the mass said, as it drifted over to beside her. "You will still be in full control. I'm just going to be changing a few things about you."

"The hell you will!" Ami said, stepping away from it.

"I may have been severly weakened, but my power can never be destroyed. Wheter you like it or not, fate has brought us together."

Ami created spheres of water in her hands and threw them, but they just passed through the dark entity.

"You see, aside from Sailor Moon herself, her being love, light, and life incarnate, I can corrupt anyone. You are no exception."

Suddenly the landscape began to change. Walls burst up from the ground around them. A dark castle formed, and looking forward, Ami was shocked at what she saw. Sitting in the throne room was her. Wearing a navy blue dominatrix outfit, she drank some wine, and before her were her friends. All dressed in slave outfits, the danced for her. The real Ami blushed.

"I have entered your mind, and I know all your secret desires Mercury. You desire your friends bodies. You want them to be your obediant sexy slaves, willing to do whatever you want, and I can give them to you! Just accept my power."

Ami stood there for a second, still in shock over the vision infront of her. She regained her composure, and glared over at Chaos. "No! I will never betray them!"

"Looks like I will have to enhance some of your other atributes after all." Chaos said, as it shot itself into the ground. "Let's start with your sex drive."

Ami had always been the least interested in sex in her group of friends. In fact, aside from a few fantasies with both men and women, Ami had a very low sex drive. However that was about to change. As if someone had just reprogrammed her mind, her nipples hardened as in her mind hundreds of versions of her appeared around her. Some dominating her friends, some riding men's cocks, even a few experimenting on her friends, turning them into cowgirls and she-males. Many other visions of herself appeared, and Ami could not look away. It was like sex was on her mind 24/7. Chaos reappeared behind her, having begun to take a humanoid shape, but still a dark mass.

"G...get away from...me" Ami said, aroused by the images around her.

Chaos new it's molding Ami's mind was working. Just a bit more, and she would be accepting it's power.

"I can tell you want them." The voice said again, sounding a bit more femenine. "But what's this. Desires for control over others? Maybe even the whole universe?"

"It's....it's crossed my mind......once or twice. But I could never bring my self to ..."

"No. It's what you want. You want all existance at your feet, worshiping you as a goddess. Your already immortal thanks to your powers as Sailor Mercury. But you lack raw destructive power to take what you want compared to the other senshi. Sure, You could destroy a few galaxys but the others can do that in their sleep. Sailor Moon could even wipe out the entire multiverse if she wanted. You really think you could rule all with people like that in your way?"

"I don't want to....rule..." Ami said, her thoughts begining to bend in Chaos' favor.

""Yes, you do. Your the most beautiful and brilliantly minded woman in the universe. Who would be betterto control the universe."

Ami blushed as her confused mind continued to accept Chaos' words. She could no longer tell what desires were hers and what were ones implanted in her mind by Chaos. Again the dark mass began to change. Already having taken a humanoid shape, it became moredefined, and female looking.....almost identical to Ami herself, but as a shiloette.

"Accept my power Mercury." Chaos said, offering it's hand. "All those desires will soon be a reality!"

Ami was to confused and arroused to really ignore it. She reached out her hand and grabbed Chaos'. THe dark mass was absorbed into Ami. She stood there for a second, before a sinister grin crossed her face.

(Back in reality)

Ami woke up. She yawned and stretched her arms. She got out of bed and raised her hand to the sky. "Mercury Chaos Power! Make Up!" she cried out. Instead of her usual sailor fuku, a more revealing and sexual outfit appeared on Ami's body. A dark blue leather dominatrix outfit appeared on her body. Dark blue opera gloves adorned her hands, and on her legs. black stilleto boots with 5-inch heels appeared. Ami looked out the window, and saw Tokyo. Soon it, and the rest of the universe would belong to her. But first she would have to wait for nightfall to make her first move. Under the cover of darkness seemed like the most logical solution, and with all her powers including her intellect magified ten fold, Ami was quick to come up with a plan. But first some things needed to be taken care of. She could use some cash. She was already well off due to her mother being a doctor, but some funds for her schemes could be useful. Then there was her verginity. She was disgusted she still had it, and needed to get rid of it. However there were here friends. The other Sailor Senshi could each prove to be troble to her, and alone she might not be able to succed in her plot. But if she could take them out,and make them her slaves, she could easily rule all. She could alsomake use of turning one of them into her lover, and she knew just who she wanted. The woman she had a crush on since she was 14......Makoto Kino, the powerful and busty Sailor Jupiter!

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