Who has Starfire chosen?

by JimmyKasche
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Herman Schultz stared in shock at the beautiful orange woman that landed at his feet dressed in a chunky black pumps, a purple bikini top and her miniskirt was hung so low on her hips that a matching purple whale tail was clearly visible. 
"Sorry if I am disturbing you... but I was thinking of someone to be the daddy of sugar... and you were the first person I thought of Mr. Schultz." Starfire smiled sweetly... not knowing that in an act of generosity Boomerang had impanted that feeling towards his former teammate.
"No! No! ... I mean you aren't disturbing me..." the villain known as the Shocker stammered out "I'd love to be your uh... daddy of sugar." 
"GOODY!" Starfire squealed in joy causing her impressive breasts to bounce up and down something that Shocker was very appreciative of.
"Do you have the shiny present for me?" Starfire smiled.
"Umm... not at the moment." Shocker admitted causing the princess to pout. "B-b-but let's go fix that right now." He quickly corrected thankful that his bank account had gotten a boost thanks to the stockbrokers he had blackmailed making some smart investments for him. 
"YAY!" Starfire said and wrapped herself around Herman's right arm. Herman walking towards the jewlery store with a renewed sense of confidence.
"look at these bombshells" Bonny said pushing Power Girl's breasts up "These are the world famous Power Tits... don't you just want to stick your fuck meat between these and let me..." instead of vocalizing the last word instead she bounced her tits up and down as she licked between her cleavage.
"Tits are nice... but she doesn't have a booty like this!" Carmen said turning around twerking Carol's bubble booty. "Not to mention... how often do you get to fuck a super heroine with the filthy mind of a porn star." Carmen said accentuating her words with a slap of her ass.
Boomerang grinned at the sexy display and continued to plot.
Kyle stared at the Body Doubles in shock at their sexual display.
"Come on Kyle..." Power Girl said as she went up to Kyle's right.
"Yeah, Rayner..." Carol said as she came up on the left sandwiching the Green Lantern between the two beautiful women.
"We're sorry for being soooo naughty." the Duo moan as they begin nuzzling his neck on both sides as their hands reach down and begin rubbing at his very obvious erection while they inwardly raged at not being able to control themselves the way they wanted.
Diana grunted she was so close to cumming... and her mind raced everything she knew would happen when she came went against everything she had ever believed... doubly so if she ended up tied to someone like Delegate Kovachs. 
But at the same time the thought of betraying everything she ever thought she knew... especially the threats of turning every Amazon on the island into mewling domesticated slave-wives made her hotter than she ever thought possible.
The rest of the U.N. Assembly had taken turns between cheering Delegate Kovach on or shouting insults at the heroine... and the entire ordeal was being captured by the camera and broadcast to televisions across the planet... all of these facts increased Diana's shame as well as her pleasure.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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