Diana cums in front of everyone

by Anzaleth
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Diana moaned. She was so fucked -- in every possible way. The whole world saw what a bitch she was, a pet, a fucktoy.

She shrieked as she came in the biggest orgasm of her life.
* * *
Starfire cooed in delight as she followed the Shocker into the jewelry store.
"They are all the prettiest," she said. "Which one is mine, Daddy?"
"Take your pick."
"AHHH!" Starfire also creamed herself at the thought of choosing a pretty thing of her own. "Thank you, Daddy! You are the total best!"
She kissed him on the cheek and then floated around the store, trying to find the jewelry that most said "Pretty Princess."
* * *
Penguin looked up at the two hookers nervously came in.
"Yes?" he said.
"We're from the Birds of Play," said the redhead. "Um, I'm Rae -- Quiver. And this Olivia."
Olivia Queen waved nervously, clinging to her pal Rae Harper.
Penguin grinned. "Oracle doesn't disappoint, does she?"
* * *
A sound distracted Mary Jane from her desperate masturbation.
"Honey, I'm home," Peter said.

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