Cut all this hair real short

by jessiesgirl
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Transformation
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"Ms. Frost has always said she loves the look of short hair.  How about we surprise her and cut your hair into a super short sexy style"  DeeDee suggested as the shampoo took full effect.

Sue thought about all the times she and Emma passed a short haired woman as they walked down the street.  It annoyed Sue everytime Emma did a double take on these women as she wished her love would only have eyes for her.  As she looked in the mirror she wondered how short they would go.  She had never had anything shorter than the occasional bob but if it meant captivating her wife's attention from now on it was an easy decision.
"Let's do it!"
The scissors got to work removing all the hair Sue had,  Snip after snip.  Buzz after buzz as her long flowing tresses were removed leaving in it's wake a very short haired Sue.  Her shocked face said it all when DeeDee removed the cape.  Her hands never stopped running through what was left of her crowning glory.  A very very short pixie that let everyone know who she was and yet still very feminine.
Oh Emma would love this.
"Well that's step one Ms.  We still have a ways to go".

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