for Emma Frost

by jessiesgirl
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Invisible Woman Emma Frost
Category F/F
Previous Chapter A trophy wife (for who?)

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"Alright Ms. Storm I'm going to start your makeover by shampooing your hair so sit back".

"Sounds good.  And it's Mrs. Richards". Sue said correcting her the salon employee.
"Sorry I forgot about your married."  DeeDee said with an apologetic smile.
"So do I sometimes"  Sue said unknowingly.
As DeeDee massaged Sue's scalp the shampoos effects started to take hold.  DeeDee knew Sue would be very susceptible to suggestion once the drug mixed with the shampoo took effect.  
Sue was feeling quite comfortable in the young woman's hands and it was starting to show.
"So what do you and Ms. Frost have planned for the big day today"
"Big day?"
"Well yeah!  It's not everyday the worlds favourite lesbian superhero couple celebrate their annversary"
"WHAT? I told you I'm married to Reed".  
"Ewww! He was always wrong for you.  You and Emma are so perfect together".
As Sue heard the words her mind changed.  She had been married to Reed...but with his focus on his work rather than their marriage.  Sue's eyes started to wander.  It started out with the usual suspects.  Namor even Victor Von Doom.  It wasn't till she met up with Emma Frost that something clicked with her.
Soon enough, she had moved out of the Baxter Building and Reed's life.  The Fantastic 4 couldn't move on without her so they disbanded.  That was fine with Sue as with Emma and a few friends they started up their own team - Femme Force.  Together they helped make the world a better place and with Emma they each became a better partner.  The revelation hit her like a ton of bricks.
"Oh my goodness how could I ever forget about my Queen, Emma.  I'm so sorry DeeDee."
"No worries Sue.  But if I may I know a great way to make it up to yourself and Emma"
"What's that?"

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