What does Starfire buy?

by JimmyKasche
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"What do you think of this, Daddy?" Starfire posed while wearing a titanium chain set with an Emerald and Diamon which sat right above her cleavage.
"It looks beautiful." Herman said staring at her tits openly... "It uh... matches your eyes." 
"YAY!" Starfire celebrated and went over to the cashier.
"Yes, I would like to be purchasing of this shiny present." Starfire smiled, as Shocker walked up and handed his credit card over.
Walking out of the store instinctively Starfire snuggled into her sugar-daddy and whispered into his ear. "Now that you have been the nice to me with a present... would you like to be doing the fornicating, or would you like me to be giving the job of blow?" 
Diana slumped on the ground exhausted after her orgasm, awash in the unbridled pleasure of the afterglow. Miladin slipped out of her overheated cunt and then pulled her back to a kneeling position by her hair. 
Diana stared up at the Delegate in awe. What she originally thought of as simply an arrogant average if slightly overweight man was in fact a specimen to rival her gods. Perfection personified and he used his mighty meat-bitchtamer to ruin everything she used to foolishly believe.
She drooled a bit at the sight of his dick, as her new master pumped his shaft a few more times and unleashed his load into her waiting mouth. As the salty liquid enveloped her taste buds she quavered from a mini-orgasm. That is when Diana heard it... the entire UN Assembly was giving her master's performance a standing ovation giving her a new feeling of pride that she was claimed by such a wonderful man... one that was currently using her silky black hair to wipe his dick off of.
"Now then... let's go we have a wedding to plan, whore." he said down to her the last word with an inflection of a pet name.
"Yes... um..." Diana bit her lip she didn't know how to address him.
"Sir will do for now." Milidan responded.
"Yes, sir." Diana beamed... as Milidan led her out of the UN on her hands and knees with a fistful of her hair.
"Oh Hi, Tiger." MJ said as she hid her vibrator and attempted to make herself look decent. "I'll be out in a moment."
After combing her hair down some she stepped into the main room and saw her husband. Peter came up and gave her a kiss... one that felt really flat to the bombshell redhead but she played it off well.
"So how was your day?" Peter said
"Oh you know... I had a few auditions... and a model shoot in the morning but nothing terribly exciting happened." MJ said leaving out the marathon masturbation session she just had.
"Well it's wednesday and I'm home early, you know what that means." Peter says kissing his beautiful wife's neck again.
"oh... yeah." MJ said smiling it was the day Peter and MJ put aside for a date night... usually it just led to a night of intense love making... but even with how horny she was she was no longer looking forward to it... which was wrong because she still loved Peter... but her masturbation session he didn't even make an appearance in... maybe a live demonstration would help with that.

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