Emma presents Sue with a new Malice outfit

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline New U Salon
Category Female Dom
Previous Chapter Emma calls a cab and starts claiming her bride on the ride home

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As Sue got into the elevator, Johnny, Reed and Ben walked into the New U Salon.  DeeDee smiled.  If she handled this wrong it could blow up in her face, but she was a pro at this and would take this opportunity to nip this in the butt right now.

“Ah Gentlemen,” DeeDee walked over to shake the three’s hands, “So nice to have the entire Fantastic Four in our building all at once!  Mrs. Richards opted to upgrade her package to a full treatment.  Would any of you care for our complimentary husband back message?”

“Sure!” Johny smiled.

“Lindsey, Jess,” DeeDee called.

“I’m good,” Ben sighed. 

“Please give Mr. Storm and Mr. Richards our complimentary husband back message,” DeeDee told the two staff members and then turned back to Ben “The Thing” Grim, “Mister Grim, I am so sorry, but I think the only think I can offer you is some polite conversation and perhaps a drink? Water? Some Iced Tea? Maybe a soda?”

“Got a root beer?” Ben asked while looking at the other two be led away.


Sue trembled like a shy virgin.  And she chastised herself for it.  She was here with her wife after all and they had just finger fucked in the cab on the ride over for heaven’s sake.  Still for some reason she was nervous about stripping naked in front of Emma. 

“Just relax,” Emma smiled hiding her own anxieties behind a stone mask of calm, “Do you want me to put on your dancing music?”

“Yes Mistress,” Sue smiled.

Emma put on the subliminal track that DeeDee had given her just in case something like this happened.  After about thirty seconds of trying to sync her movements to the beat, Sue found her rhythm and lost her concerns and modesty. Sue undid the wrist button of her remaining leather arm glove and plucked it off slowly with short tugs, then she went to her left leg and slowly bent down to unzip the crotch long white leather boot.  She did a few flexing kicks to show off her leg before repeating the moves on her right leg.  She then started to unzip the side of the white latex corset.


“I Must say Mr. Grim I am so proud of you as a New Yorker,” DeeDee prattled.

Ben wasn’t really listening, rather he was enjoying the root beer while this woman pretended to go fangirl for the Fantastic Four.  He would nod and smile and give his “It’s nothing” and “We just try to help” lines when called for.

“To have a pillar of the community and a hero come out so publicly,” DeeDee kept going as the drugs open the back door to his subconscious, “I can’t tell you what it means to me as a fellow gay New Yorker.  How you Reed and Johnny kept your relationship a secret for so many years, no one would have expected you to be their daddy and them to be your bois.”

Something about that last statement didn’t sound quite right to Ben, Reed and Johnny his boys?  More like his bitches.

“And openly stating how you wanted to lead the Leathermen and Rubberists in next year’s gay pride parade?  You must have been chaffing to the chance to come clean to the world!”

Ben smiled slightly at the thought of leading Johnny around on a leash and some open ass leather chaps so the world could that Johnny was Ben’s bitch boy.

“My bisexual side feels jelous of Reed and Johnny getting fucked by your perfect granite cock… Is it true you make them wear anal condom panties all the time?”

“Every minute of every day toots,” Ben agreed absently.

“You three must have been so relived when Sue filed for divorce and came out as Emma Frost’s lesbian fiancé.”

“We are better off without the fag hag.”

“Are there plans to add any more heroes or villains to your collection of slave bois?”


The latex hot pants flew just to the right of Emma’s head after Sue used their elastic nature to fling them across the room to her wife.

“Naughty, naughty,” Emma said.

“Maybe a spanking is in order Mistress?” Sue asked with an impish smile.


While Ben was annoyed that he had to deal with a wench and not a man or even a boi, he was impressed by the quality and designs of the leather outfits and collars.  He was rather pleased with the leather suit that the salon’s specialty shop had made for him in their custom shop.  He was feeling rather manly now in the leather outfit the wench had made for him and his bitch bois.


Sue held to end table as Emma brought her hand down for the fifth and final spank on Sue’s pussy.  Emma slide her latex clad middle finger into Sue wet and waiting snatch. 

“Now my pet wife,” Emma whispered into Sue’s ear, “Are you going to behave?”

“Yes Mistress!” Sue moaned.

Sue’s moan turned sour as Emma removed her finger and stepped away from her naked bride.  Sue stayed in her spot watching Emma in the mirror on the wall as she went and grabbed two boxes.  She brought the long thin black boxes to Sue and reached into the drawer of the end table and fetched the bottle of latex polish and dressing lube.

“Turn around,” Emma ordered.

Sue complied and took the top box that Emma offered.  She opened the box and gasped at the garment within.  Sue picked up the laid out merrywidow and held it up.  It was black latex, with thick shoulder straps with silver latex “studs” going up the straps and a straps going down the arm ending in clips.  Sue held it up and say that the bra cups were maybe a centimeter with a wire under cup.  Sue looked at the four thick garter straps with their clips dangling from the bottom of the merrywidow Basque.  She turned it around and spotted the black plastic zipper down the back. 

“OH THANK YOU!” Sue screeched with glee.

“Let me get you started,” Emma had put the box on the end table and was pouring lube into her gloved hand.


Ben Grim smiled as his bitch bois came back wearing their rubber catsuits, leather hot-pants, vests and rubber jackboots.  Reed and Johnny both got on their knees in front of Ben, their master. 

“Please Master use your slaves roughly,” the pair begged from their places at Ben’s boots.


Sue was zipped in to the corset.  Emma opened the second box and pulled out the first long black latex glove.  Emma rolled it up and held it for Sue to insert her hand.  With a liberal application of lube Sue’s left arm was encased.  Emma helped Sue encase her right arm in black rubber.  Next was a black latex stocking and then it’s partner.  Sue was now encased arms, and legs in black latex held together by the merrywidow basque around her torso.  Only the white collar with the wedding rings around Sue’s next stood out.  Emma leaned in and gave her wife a passionate kiss.  Emma grabbed the black latex cape from the bottom of the larger box and shook it open.  She wrapped the cape around Sue’s shoulders and gave her another kiss.  Emma took Sue’s hand and lead her into the dungeon so they could play with their slut of the night.  They walked in to find a young redhead on her knees naked next to a Saint Andrew’s cross.  Sue looked at the collection of strapon dildos noting that a black and white rubber set had been lubed up and both harnesses had plugs on the inside and out.

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