Emma calls a cab and starts claiming her bride on the ride home

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Emma Frost Susan storm
Category F/F Female Dom
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DeeDee went back to get things ready for her next victim, no one as high profile as Sue Storm, just an average trophy wife that has having trouble comprehending her position in life.  Below average, but the husband was paying a fortune to “help her” and to add a few kinks to the lady. 

“Lady on the street, whore in the sheets,” DeeDee chuckled to herself as she went over the desired changes.


Sue and Emma told the cab driver the address to the high-rise and went into the back seat.  As soon as they buckled their seatbelts the cab started moving and the lovers started to fondle each other.  Sue giggled lightly as Emma played with her corset clad bosom.  Emma softly moaned agreement as Sue slide her hand between her Mistress’ legs and fingered her throw the latex hotpants.  Emma caught the driver looking and eliminated the distraction from his mind.

“Please Mistress,” Sue noticed Emma’ intention towards the driver, “You know I like an audience.”

“I love watching you put on a show my pet,” Emma cooed, “But I detest getting killed by a distracted driver.  Why don’t we put on a show for the people on that bus?”

Sue beamed as she laid back in her seat and splayed her legs letting Emma lean over her and play with her body to the surprise of the afternoon commuters on the bus.  Emma’s right hand pinned Sues wrists above her head and Emma’s left hand went to work caressing Sue’s thighs and crotch.  Emma went to work kissing and sucking on Sue’s corset contained tits. 


DeeDee light a cigarette as she waited in the back room, the trophy wife was learning just how important it was for her to only wake a man up with blowjobs while her bleached hair dried under the hair dryer.  DeeDee didn’t regret turning this Harvard law school graduate into a Stepford wife, but she wished she had more customers like Emma Frost.  As she went over the check list of changes she felt something reach into her mind… and then a mouth on her left tit sucking!  She felt a finger sliding along the ridge of her camel toe while a thumb manipulated her clit.  DeeDee closed her eyes as realized she was being treated to the sensations that Emma was bestowing on her doppelganger pet wife. 

“Oh yeah!” DeeDee shuttered as a faint organs ran between her legs, “I wish I did more jobs for Miss… Mrs. Frost!”


Emma paid for the cab ride and offered her arm to Sue, who immediately wrapped herself around the offered arm.  Sue didn’t even notice the doorman as she walked staring at her love goddess.  This woman had brought her happiness and pleasure beyond belief, she was all that was important right now.

Sue didn’t like that Emma had stopped in the lobby, but she didn’t question it.  Sue looked at the girl her mistress turned to and realized it was the daytime front desk girl.  She looked rather fetching in her black vinyl French maid dress, nowhere near as lovely as Mistress Emma.

“Have the packages been delivered?” Emma asked the desk girl.

“Yes Mrs. Frost,” the desk girl said with a vapid smile, “And the maid you requested for tonight’s entertainment is waiting in your dungeon as requested.”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Emma kissed Sue, “But I arranged for some entertainment for tonight, come I want to show you some of your presents.”

Sue’s knees quivered in anticipation.

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