Time to put a collar on Tigra

by Anzaleth
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Selina smiled. Now that she had made the Black Cat recognize who was the number #1 cat-lady in town, perhaps it would be good to deal with some of the other kitties. After all, it was important for them to recognize who was the alpha of the cat-pack.

She pulled up Tigra's bio on the computer and began to tap out some changes....
*  *  *
"OOooo, Harl!" 
"Yeah, Miss Jay?"
"I hear Bruce Wayne is going to be at the club!" the former Joker squealed.
"Should I be jealous, Pudding?"
"Oh, Harl, you know you're the only girl for me," Joker said, giving her lover a hug. "But still, Mr. Wayne is so... well, he's so rich and respected. Isn't it a little thrilling to put on a show for him? Besides, haven't we agreed to be a little open in our relationship? I don't complain about you mooning over Poison Ivy, do I?"
* * * 
Tigra blinked in confusion. What was she doing in this room?
The furry heroine staggered a little. She was feeling dizzy.
She slumped down to her hands and knees. That felt a lot more comfortable.
"Hello, kitty-kitty," Selina cooed as she attached a collar to Tigra's neck.

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