(CW)Time to make Joker a non-homicidal stripper

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Master PC, Version 3.0!
Characters Catwoman Harley Quinn Joker
Category Gender Change: To Female
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Selina thought about it spinning around in office chair.  Really there one major problem that needed to get sorted out if she ever wanted to have anything resembling peace in Gotham…


Harley walked to the kitchen in her panties and a night shirt.  Mr. Jay was in the living room messing with some doohickey and the babies wanted to eat.  Bud and Lou giggled as they followed Harley.  Harley got food ready for the hyenas and made cups of coffee for her and her Puddin. 

“Harley! Where are those fuel injectors?” Mister Jay called.

“Uhm,” Harley thought for a second, “Oh, in the cabinet by the exploding mannequins!”

A wave of de-ja-vue swept over Harley, she brushed it off as she picked up the two mugs.

“Found them!” Miss Jay’s voice sang out sounding like Katy Perry, “Thanks Darling.”

Harley stopped suddenly, as Lou moved in front her.

“Hay Baby,” Harley said to the Hyena.


Selina watched the changes appear in the history and notes.  She smiled but she thought that she could do better and started making some more adjustments.


“Hay baby,” Harley said to the Miss Jay’s Corgi, Lou, “Are you done with your din-din?”

Lou the Corgi wagged his tail and stared up at Harley, clearly hoping for more food.  Harley stepped over the dog and made her way to the living room.

“Puddin,” Harley called, “I have your tea!”

“Thanks Darling!” Joker said as she sauntered over to Harley and took her mug, “You’re a doll!”

Harley took a seat on the couch, she watched as her lover took a drink from her mug and went back to the latest prop for her burlesque dance act.  Harley smiled as the six-foot-tall lean dancer bent over in her dancing tights, she chuckled as Joker shook her butt for her watching lover.  Harley reflected on their highly unprofessional relationship.  She had been a recent graduate and working as an intern doctor at Arkham, part of her job was also providing outpatient treatments.  One of her patients was an amnesia case where the young woman had been dunked in a vat of chemicals by a bunch of mobsters.  With no fingerprints, or DNA on file all attempts to ID her failed.  Harley had worked with the lady.  Eventually Harley had to request the case be transferred to another practitioner because she was developing emotional feelings for her.  Much to her surprise, the patient had agreed to the situation when she showed up for her next appointment and was informed by her new counselor.  Harley was informed that the rest of the appointment consisted of the patient asking if she could date Harley now.  With her green hair, alabaster skin and permanent smile, the patient naturally had a hard time finding a normal job.  But she was a natural dancer and put Harley’s gold medals in gymnastics to shame.  With help from the Arkham outreach program, the Martha Wayne community assistance program the patient got her name legally recognized as Joker, and was set up as a burlesque dancer.  She has since become the number one Burlesque dancer in the country.  But to Harley she is always Miss Jay, or Puddin.  She still couldn’t believe that Joker had talked her more than once into putting on a harlequin outfit and joining her on stage.


Selina let go a heavy sigh, that was taken care of.  Gotham would never have to fear clowns ever again.  With the Joker no longer the clown prince of crime, there would be no Joker gas attacks or Joker toxin scares.  A joker attack was a phrase meaning that the crowd got rowdy at the dance club Joker was performing at.  Even the News Week cover of the Joker changed from the homicidal man with the line “What can save us from his evil?” to a picture of the woman in latex body paint with the line “What if Betty Page had green hair?”


“Let me get this straight,” Harley said, “You are going to hide in the perfume bottle, it gets rolled out on stage, it sprays the crowd with bubbles, then you get out and start dancing and lipsinking to Firefly.”

“That’s about the size of it,” Joker put her arm around her blonde girlfriend and kissed her, “And I want you to be there too.”

Joker hoped that Harley hadn’t found out about her trip to the jewelry store for a diamond ring.


Selina looked at the notes on the MasterPC 3.0 so Joker wanted to become Mrs. Quinzel.  For some reason Selina didn’t feel right about that.  She chalked it up to knowing how much of a monster Joker had been and resenting giving a demon a happy ending.  But a stray thought crossed her mind, what if the program she was using was using and modifying her too?  She tossed the idea out.  Selina was always bisexual, she liked her men, manly and her ladies feminine and she had never held herself down to one lover.  Oh well, who to play with next?

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