Batman is shocked by the sight of...Harley Quinn?

by Burke.Rakers
Storyline The Mannequin
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What the hell did he mean by that? Transformative?

"Your first test, Caped Crusader...is a simple one. Yet also (I'd wager) the most difficult challenge of your life. Good hunting, my foolish foe."
And with that...Harley Quinn leapt into view and struck a sexy yet threatening pose. She giggled in her babyish, high-pitched 'Brooklyn' accent. "Ain't this a kick in th' pants, Batsy? Me an' you buttin' heads again? I jus' wish my sweet Puddin' was heah ta watch us tussel."
Something about Harley Quinn...was wrong. It wasn't easy to nail down. Her body language was just as it always was, but something about her face...or perhaps her physique...didn't seem quite right. Was it some part of the pitch of her voice? Her shoulders seemed a tad too wide, and her hips a touch too narrow. Well...he could work it out later. Right now...he had a criminal to...
"They escaped? Both of them? It's not like you to let anyone slip by you, Batman...let alone two. And why were Harley Quinn and the Mad Hatter working together?"
Batman seemed even more reserved than usual. He muttered something about how "Nothing about those two make sense" before he vanished in a cloud of smoke. Commissioner Gordon shrugged, and walked to his car. He'd been right about only part of his assessment of the situation. The Mad Hatter had indeed gotten away. Harley Quinn, on the other hand...
"This is kinda kinky, Batman. I didn't take you as th' type t' go around kidnappin' girls. You gonna give me a spankin' or somethin', Bats? Gonna pull my braids? Tweak my nips? Go on, Batsy...give 'em a squeeze."
She broke of into peals of taunting laughter then, and Batman tried to ignore her. He'd managed to get the best of her, and once he'd realised his instints had been correct, he'd bundled her into the Batmobile. He'd hoped that once he'd pulled off her cowl, she'd have come to her senses, but he could see not the slightest shade of doubt in her eyes. She licked her full, black-painted lips and pistoned her groin at him. With her cowl off, her two blond braids bounced girlishly.
Inside the cowl he'd found what he'd expected. Mad Hatters mind control circutry. The problem was...that what had happened next had made no sense. With the cowl removed, 'she' should have gone back to normal. Instead...Dick Greyson was still moving, speaking, acting and (it was a certanty) even THINKING like 'Harley Quinn'. His body was still basically his own, but his hair seemed naturally blond now. His body softening and curving girlishly as his altered DNA pumped heavy ammounts of female hormones into his system. He'd checked several times, and though he KNEW this was Dick Greyson...Dicks retina and fingerprints both came back as Harley Quinn. 
   He had to think of a way to same Dick Greyson.The lad had been like a son to him, and now...if he turned 'her' over to Gotham PD then Dick would be thrown into Arkham Asylum to serve Harley's time. It wasn't fair...and besides, he'd be better able to reach the real Dick inside this strange prison. 
   But the most important thing to do...was find the Mad Hatter.

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