While the fight was going on, Alfred receives a strange gift in the mail.

by burke_rakers
Storyline The Mannequin
Previous Chapter Batman is shocked by the sight of...Harley Quinn?

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   They were beautiful, and as 'she' watched 'her' twinkling' lovelies dance in her hands, 'she' knew that her life as a jewel thief was all 'she' could ever hope for. 'She' tucked the glittering stones into 'her' kitbag and escaped out a window more than 40 stories above the ground. The thief moved with a supple, cat-like grace - smooth, slinky, sexy body encased in skintight black, while infrared goggles shaded the eyes. Every move sang 'Catwoman', and an observer would have been forgiven for making that assumption. 

   Still...there were a few tells. Hips, ass and breasts were generous to a fault, but...her still sexy features were a tad too sharp. Jaw too defined. Thick, black hair accented with shining streaks of silver suggesting a woman in her late 50's or early 60's. The voice was a low, throaty purr...though with a plummy dash of British Upper Class that refused to fade.
   The thief drove through the night, pulling up in the shadows around Wayne Manor. The thief slunk in through an open window, changed to fresh catsuit, and went down to the Bat Cave to check on the master. The Mad Hatter had sent the butler of Wayne Manor a Catwoman cowl (with a low level influence radiator inspiring him to put it on), and the cowl had filled Alfred with Catwoman's feelings, personality and opinions. The fusion of Alfred and Catwoman had been total, but Alfred's loyalty towards Bruce mixed with Catwoman's obsession had softened into a somewhat smothering 'motherly' love for Bruce Wayne. The former Alfred was glad that the Wayne's were dead. That meant that there was nothing to stand between the posh old MILF Selina Pennyworth...and the man she hungered for.

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