"Robin" and "Alfreda" got away.

by Anzaleth
Storyline The Mannequin
Previous Chapter So where are the original Harley and Catwoman?

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Fortunately, it is amazing what you can use as a lockpick when you have all the training that "Robin" did.

Soon she had unlocked the cell, and then she and "Alfreda Kyleworth" were sneaking down the hall, looking for a way out.
Alfreda was very concerned. The Mad Hatter clearly had something nefarious in mind for the city in general and Batman in particular.
"We must return to Wayne Manor as soon as possible and deal with all this villainous chicanery."
* * *
Meanwhile, Selina Pennyworth was feeling concerned for poor dear Bruce. The voluptuous MILF loved the lad dearly, and she was very concerned about all the danger he was getting himself into.
Fighting psychopathic maniacs like Joker or Two-Face or nasty brutes such as Bane or Killer Croc, to say nothing of bad news trollops like Poison Ivy or that harpy Talia.... No, it was all quite unacceptable. Selina wanted to keep Bruce safe from harm and make certain he didn't fall into any bad crowds.
She tapped her chin. Now then, what was the best way to keep Bruce save from all these bad influences?
Also, she needed to do some renovations to the manor. Honestly, it needed more of a woman's touch. Since Bruce had shown no willingness to look after the place, Selina should take charge. Get some servants of her own....
* * *
"Hey, c'mon, Mr. B," the newly minted Harley complained. "Can't you loosen these cuffs?"
"Not yet, Di -- Harley," he sighed.
"You want it kinky, huh, Mr. B?" Harley rubbed her booty against the seat. "Well... okay. You gonna frisk me now, then? Spank me for being such a bad l'l baddie?"
She giggled and fluttered her lashes.
Batman, sighed, wondering how to best deal with this.
* * *
Barbara Gordon opened the hatbox and stared down at the Bane mask in it.
"What the hell?"

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