So where are the original Harley and Catwoman?

by burke_rakers
Storyline The Mannequin
Previous Chapter While the fight was going on, Alfred receives a strange gift in the mail.

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   Good question. Where are the 'real' Harley Quinn and Catwoman?

   Jervis Tetch glanced over at his monitors, feeling confident in his technology yet also knowing that when Batman's involved, anything can happen. So far though...everything had been perfect. Granted, he was a little worried about some of his 'B-Class' subjects. It was a game, after all. Jervis Tetch stole what he needed to steal to keep his experiments running, and that was all. His plan to exchange personalities and identities between members of the Batman Family and his Rogues Gallery had been brought about for entertainment purposes alone. He had contempt for both sides after all.
    But, while Batman had to deal with one side of the results of his meddling...he didn't have to deal with the other.
    "Holy Brainteasers, Alfred!" cried the 'girl' in the holding cell. She looked a lot like an athletic teenaged version of Harley Quinn, though no where near as developed physically. Dressed in Robins old costume, her blond hair was now cut boyishly short, she looked more like a 16 year old boy than a woman in her mid-20's. She felt...so confused. She knew she wasn't this person, but she FELT like Robin now. If freed, she'd probably run off to Batman and fight crime by his side. "How are we supposed to get out of this pickle? Maybe if we could contact Batman, he could rescue us?"
   Alfred (NOT MY NAME!) wanted to contact Master Bruce just as badly as Robin (No! Her name was...something else), but most of her wanted to...server the master. Wash his clothes. Make his bed. Fetch his slippers and cook his meals. She still looked almost exactly like the Catwoman...but her her beautiful face held not a trace of makeup. Her once long hair was clipped and trimmed close to the scalp. Though her body was still obviously VERY female, she now wore an expertly tailored butlers uniform. Her pants crisply pressed. The tails of her coat immaculate. Her bowler hat set at the perfect angle. She looked...perfect. She was...Alfred? Alfreda? Alfreda Kyleworth? 
   "Settle down, young Master Quinn. You'll rumble-up your tummy and have no end of upsets." she said in the clipped, somewhat 'British' sounding way she now spoke. The new Robin looked a little confused, then nodded. "After all, you've been like a son to me all these years. Such a healthy, happy, normal boy you are."
   "B-b-boy?" the former Harley Quinn asked, confused. "I...I don't think I'm..."
   Alfreda knew she/he had to help. Poor Dick was obviously confused. "You are a BOY, Master Dick. You are Richard Greyson. You prefer to be called Dick. You've had so many girlfriends over the years. Bette Kane and Barbara Gordon. Wonder Girl and Starfire. You're a BOY and you think like a BOY and act like a BOY and love being a BOY."
   The former Harley Quinn blinked...then smiled. She deepened her voice a bit, and said with a smile. "Yeah, that's me. I'm Dick Greyson! I'm a boy...a man...and I love girls. I'm not some fruity queer like everyone jokes. I'm a BOY!"
   Alfreda smiled and patted her young charge on the shoulder. "Yes, you are, Master Dick. Now...let's try and think of a way to escape this behatted bounder and return to jolly old Wayne Manor forthwith."

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