Bruce gets all the nasty masculinity sucked out of him

by JimmyKasche
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As Bruce felt his muscles shrink even his minor fidgets of resistance faded. He knew there was no getting out Alfred was just too smart for him... he thought as the machine whirred... the chair spun clockwise slightly as a dome dropped down over the top of Bruce's head and two arms swung out in front of him. 
Bruce bit his lip finding himself scared as to what the machine was about to do to him... the arms moved forward revealing a syringe filled with the bubbling pink liquid at the base of each that was slowly injected into his nipples... at the same time he felt two little pricks on his ass.
"wha---oooh." Bruce started to moan as a wave of pleasurable heat begin to wash over him from the injection sites as well as a tingling sensation from the top of his head. Bruce begins squirming in his seat again as he suddenly feels pressure on his chest as well as the fact that the chair appears to be raising.
Looking down he notices that he has grown a pair of lovely C-cup breasts... and that the chair hadn't raised he's just grown a really girly bubble butt... the helmet pulls off revealing a cascade of silky black hair... Save for his still rather large and rock hard cock Bruce looked exactly the part of a teenage girl.
The Chair swiveled again, now he was facing a blank screen with two other strange looking arms hanging off the machine. Bruce stared at it for a second before it sprang to life the lower Arm spun around and placed the strange suction tube at the end on top of his penis... the other one swung around and tweaked his nipple... the small action to the newly super sensitive nub cause Bruce to begin immediately cumming... the tube coming to life to continue sucking down everything that spurted out. Every spurt making Bruce's cock shrink more and more... until it vanished completely and the feminizing liquid leaves Bruce with a tight virgin little honeypot. 
Just then the Screen flashed on showing a confusing array of patterns, colors, and images... too fast for Bruce's conscious mind to understand but subconsciously filling in the former Dark Knight as to his true identity as Bryce Wayne, Bruce's 18 year old daughter that is secretly in love with Alfred. 
Alfred smiled at Bryce's progress... he wish he could have saved Master Bruce sooner that way none of this would be necessary. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and every sign of Bruce Wayne had to be eliminated.   
He then thought about Bruce's son Damian... he'd have to get a turn in the machine too... at the very least to accept Bryce as his older sister... then again the idea of the little hellion is a prim princess made the butler laugh... maybe he'd even set it so Damian isn't fully feminized. Oh well there is time to plan after we finish our first guest.
Fred petted the head of Power Girl and Captain Marvel as they sucked his cock and balls respectively. Both girls looked up at Fred with devotion in their eyes it was the hottest thing he'd ever seen... and while He hated to ruin the moment he had other ideas in mind.
He put his hands on the side of Karen's head and pulled it off his dick.
"Come on!" Karen whined as she struggled to get it back in her mouth as Fred held her in place with one hand, he looped the other through Carol's long blonde and did the same to her.
"Did we displease you master?" Carol purred.
"Not at all dears... I just think it's time we moved into round two of this game don't you?" 
"Do you mean what I think you mean, boss?" Carol said.
"Mmhmm." Fred smiled.
"sweet." Karen giggled
"So Power Girl and Captain Marvel... you both agree that being my personal sex pet and security force is way better than being super heroes right?" Fred smiled.
"Yes." Carol smirked.
"OOOOH FUCK YEAH!" Karen yelled.
"So you fully agree to give up your hero gig to become the first two members of my Boomerbabe Security Force. Knowing that it means you have to protect me from harm as well as obey any of my commands no matter how humiliating?" Fred continued and hte girls nodded. "Even if I decide something like that from now on you'll call yourselves Power Tits and Cumslut Marvel?" 
"Anything you want Freddy!" The girls said in unison.
"Good now get nice and close to each other and jack me off all over your faces." Fred added as the girls got to work maintaining eye contact with Boomerang... the earlier show, the blowjob, and his overall power trip caused him not to last long... as he erupted over the two heroines...right before  it landed however there was a change in the two girls the euphoric expression swapped to that of confusion.
"What the hell?" Power Girl said as the cum streaked across her face.
"Ew!" Captain Marvel said as it hit her.
"Ah, Hello Girls." Fred smiled.
"What the hell Meyers!" the girls yelled.
"You two seem angry... but I notice you haven't stopped stroking my cock... but that's enough for now... why don't you girls scoop that stuff into your mouth and share with each other." 
"Like he-" Carol started to say as she felt her fingers push themselves into her mouth.
"Wha-mmph" Karen stated as she felt herself begin to kiss Carol deeply.
Across Town Bonny and Carmen wake up to find themselves in a rather nice apartment. Bonny looking over the knickknacks and finding a picture on the wall.
"Power tits, does pretty well for herself." Bonny says.
"looks that way... so... what do you think is happening right now?" Carmen asks.
"they're probably just realizing that they have to follow whatever command the boss gives them... thanks to our little agreement before the switch."  Bonny laughs.
"That or they're confused about how much they enjoy it... so should we go out and find our way back to the boss?" 
"Well we could do that or we could go searching for some more super-heroines to fuck with... you know find one of the cute innocent ones and make them agree to be some gangs mascot or something." Bonny says throwing the knickknack to the ground.
"hmm... also a good plan. the Boss did give us these powers for a reason." Carmen tapped her chin thinking.
Alexa Luthor bounced out of her manicurist, looking at her shiny pink nails. They looked so hot! She coulnd't believe it. Now how could she get some alone time with her Supesy... maybe with a shopping spree! 
If she got a new wardrobe she'd totally standout! Alexa was soooo smart!
Barbara glowered as she watched the monitor. The Kingpin had left... but Dinah was sitting in the middle of the room rubbing her tits as the cum dried on her face... still.
"DINAH!" Barbara yelled trying to break the blonde out of her euphoria.
"Like... yeah... Barbie." Dinah moaned still playing with her big boobies.
"You dumb bimbo you have more clients to see... you don't have time to sit around!" Barbara grumbled.
"YAY!" Dinah cheered still not moving.
Barbara grabbed her temple and sighed... before sending a signal to one of the other Birds of Play to pick Dinah up and drag the Bimbo Birdy to her next John... something the girls had started calling a "Canary Cry". 
Barbara decided she had to call the boss... Dinah was so far behind schedule maybe she'd be able to go out and have some fun tonight.

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