Bryce Wayne begins

by Anzaleth
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Bryce Wayne minced out of the machine and over  to where her new outfit was laid out. It was a black skirt and a pretty white top, and some knee socks and mary jane shoes.

She giggled as she put up her hair in two buns. They kinda looked like bat ears. They were cute.
Bryce giggled again as she thought of Alfred. He was so great! She was so grateful he agreed to run the company, 'cause obvs' Bryce wasn't the right person to do it. It sounded so boring, anyway.
Her smartphone rang.
"Miss Bryce, I am leaving for a little bit to find some new servants to hire," Alfred said. "Amuse yourself while I'm gone."
"Okay-dokay, Alfred"
Yeah, she was so lucky to have him! Bryce's heart fluttered. She also thought about Dick.
Mmmm, Dick....
Nightwing was such a great hero, so strong and brave. And Dick was so handsome and gentlemanly. Ooooo.... Like some noble knight combined with some swashbuckler. OOooo. Dick.... That was a good name for him.
She blushed.
* * *
Alexa Luthor was clacking down the street on her bright pink stiletto heels when she saw a car careening out of control. Clearly the brakes weren't working. It was heading for a group of people.
Then she squeaked as Superman flew down and stopped the car and saved everyone.
Alexa giggled as she got an idea. She was, like, SO smart!
With an exaggerated sigh, Alexa Luthor fell back in a pretend faint.
Suddenly Superman was holding her. "I've got you," he said.
"MMmmm, I was so scared," Alexa purred, fluttering her ridiculously long lashes as she wrapped her arms around Superman's neck and pressed her huge tits against him. "Thank god you're here, Mr. Superman."
The perfume she was wearing had been prepared by some of her scientists at Luthor Corp. They'd assure her it would make her scene very sexy to Kryptonians.
* * *
"Hey, Mr. Myers."
"Who is this?"
"Oh, you kidder. It's Oracle, boss." Barbara exhaled a smoke ring. "I need to ask you something about our whores."
* * *
"How about Mary Marvel?" Bonny asked.
"Oooo, yeah! She'd be great as some brutal bang's mascot!"

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