The Orb of the Multiverse

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline Dracula's Multiverse Harem
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Dracula was alone in his castle. It had been years since his wife had been killed by the humans. His lust and hunger was growing ever more desirable. He needed do drink blood and have a woman to fuck, or prefferably multiple women. Again, another day of solitude. He strived for women and blood, but had little of both, considering he had slaughted all the nearest villages after they killed his beloved. However, things were about to bein looking up.

He wondered the empty halls of his castle. Lonely, wanting just a woman to fuck. Dracula came across the room he and his wife had made for their child. They both looked forward to the little vampirerunning around, but alas, just shortly after their wedding she was killed, and they never got the chance to have their child. Dracula went into the room, and sighed.

"Oh, how I long for female company. Even if I have to take it by force with my hypnotic gaze, I vow, I shall have a bride!" he said, stomping his foot. Just then, the floor slipped down a bit, and a passageway opened. Curious as to where it led, Dracula went inside to try and see what was inside. He went down some stares and through a long hall, before coming to a locked room. With his vampire strength, Dracula smashed the lock, and went inside.

There stood a small pedistal, with a large decorative pillow. On it was an odd object. It looked a bit like an orb. It was a swirling orb, it letting off many types of energy. It glowed blue, red, yellow, and a variety of other colors. As he walked forward, it began to glow brighter, until he picked it up. All of a sudden the whole castle began to glow. Dracula braced himself as he felt the castle begin to move, and as it launched into the sky, a portal appeared. Dracula had no idea where it would take him, but he had a feeling his wish was about to be granted. As he entered the portal, the orb glowed again, showing him various locations. Suddenly he knew what it was. It was as if the orb had given him the knowledge of it's usage. It allowed him to travel the mutiverse. To find various time periods, and from all the worlds that ever existed, he would find himself a wide harem of brides! As he thought, of his ideal woman, one who would command the rest of his brides. One who would be his queen, Dracula thought of what she would be like, in terms of looks, and the orb took him and his castle to a universe where such a woman resided. 

After a second or two, the castle apperaed on a large hill, and Dracula looked outside, to see the world he ended up in. It was nothing like his own mideval realm. But Dracula knew what he needed to do. He would begin his collection of brides, starting with the woman he would make into his queen! Dracula used his magic, and made his cloak a bit more clean and his suit a bit more fancy. He needed to look his best for the ladies, and after tonight, he would finally have the first of his many new brides! Transforming into a bat, Dracula flew off into dusk ready to see what kinds of lovely ladies awaited him in this first world, and which one would be his.....but what world has he arrived in first?

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