(CW) The kittens are awake? Time to play!

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Master PC, Version 3.0!
Characters Catwoman
Category Gender Change: To Female
Previous Chapter (CW) Helen Wayne-Kyle?

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Selina could hear the jingle of chains and pad locks, her harem was waking up.  She decided she had time for one more set of improvements before playing.  A notice popped up on screen recommending that the User alter a specific person.  Selina clicked on it and it was Jason Todd, the former Robin number two and current Red Hood.   Another prompt came up on screen.

“Master PC has noticed a pattern of alterations would you like Master PC to use them in a template?”

Selina clicked on the “Yes.” Moments later another prompt appeared.

“Would you like to apply this Template to current subject?”

Selina clicked the “Yes” again and looked at the changes.  Each changed field was highlighted in purple.  Red Hood was Bi-sexual, into girly girls and manly men, sexually submissive, latex fetish, boot and heel fetish, kitten petplay, and a major crush on Selina and Helen. Selina clicked on “Apply.”


“Jason!” Dick shouted. 

Jason turned around and froze at the sound of his name.

“Holy shit man are you ok?”

“Dick,” Jason wanted to try and sound tough.

Suddenly a wave of nausea enveloped the young adult.  The nausea brought the young adult to the floor.  Then the nausea passed.

“Oh shit!” Dick said dropping to his knee too, “Jenny if you are pregnant again, Bruce is going to kill you and the guy!”

“I am not pregnant Dick!,” Jennifer “Jenny” Todd aka Red Hood brushed her neon red dyed hair out of her face and started getting up.

“Come on,” Dick grabbed Jenny’s arm, “Let’s get you to the kitchen. Move, before…”

“Bruce shows up?” Demean asked.

“Yeah, Scram Demean,” Dick said.

“No, I want to watch Father scold you,” the boy crossed his arms and smiled.

“I believe the term you are looking for is ‘oh shit’ Dick,” Bruce’s voice boomed from behind Dick and Jenny, “Now should we start with what you were doing spending the night in the clock tower or why you assume Jenny is pregnant?”


Selina walked into the play dungeon.  The room was drowning in the sound of “Meows”. 

“Mmmm,” Selina smiled, “My needy kittens.  Do you want Mistress’ love and attention?”

They all gave one loud Meow in unison.  While Selina reached to grab the remote control to their toys, she thought about how much better the Robins would be as daughters than adopted sons...

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