(CW) Jenny is on trial for suspicion of pregnancy

by gothamalleyviper
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Characters Catwoman
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Selina laid back on the dungeon’s bed and relished the tongue bath her kitties were giving her. Patsy was between her legs up to her jaws in Selina’s love box.  Cheetah and Tigra were running their rough textured tongues over her nipples.  Harley was trying to get her tongue under Patsy’s mouth to lick at Selina’s clit.  Felicia and Holly took turns French kissing Selina.

‘Oh yeah,’ Selina thought to herself, ‘this is the life!’


Cassie could tell something was up, something told her to go to the batcave.  As the elevator opened, she heard Bruce screaming. 

“What the hell have you two been doing while sneaking off?” Bruce shouted. 

“I am not pregnant,” Jenny responded, “I just was off, I got dizzy. I am fine now!”

“Look,” Dick said, “I spent the night with Barbara, we do it all the time, and you know it.”

Cassie came up behind Jenny and Dick.  Bruce saw Cassie.

“And just what have you been doing?” Bruce snapped back at Dick.

“Working out our future as a married couple,” Dick said, “Just like we learned from you and Catwoman.”

Bruce, Jenny, and Cassie all looked at Dick in shock for a long moment.

“Relax,” Dick said, “We are using protection and have been getting ourselves tested.  We are still trying to figure out when to ask Gordon for permission.”

“Damn,” Jenny said.


Helen was pumping the gold kryptonite dildo into Karen’s ass while slapping her snatch with a braided latex whip.

“Meow! Meow! Meow!” Karen screamed.

Stinky was covering himself with a pile of pillows in an attempt to deaden the noise of the Kryptonian’s screaming orgasms.


Amanda Waller and Nick Furry sat across the table from each other.  The subordinates outside the conference room were expecting a brawl between the two department directors.  They both sat silently for the last three minutes while the anti-bug devices took down the bugs that had been planted in the room.  Finally the last light turned green.

“You pompus son of a bitch,” Amanda snapped.

“Fat hag,” Nick retorted.

Then both chuckled.  Nick turned and reached behind himself for a bottle on a wall table.

“Want one?” Nick asked.

“Got anything stronger?” Amanda asked.

Nick reached around and pulled a pair of sample bottles under the table. 

“How have things been going?” Nick asked, “I understand your ‘suicide squad’ has been getting a little too much press lately.”

“Oh god, those morons?” Amanda sighed, “I swear Killer Croc is trying to get himself killed. The rest of them are just dumbasses!”

“Using crooks never seemed like the best idea,” Nick said.

“Not for regular missions,” Amanda shrugged, “But it’s better to lose them instead of good people on suicide missions.  How bad is it with the Hydra infiltrations?”

“About the only groups and locations safe are Gotham,” Nick conceded, “The bat has the whole place on lockdown. None of the rogues will deal with the Hydra.  The only way in the cathouse is throw whatever indoctrination process the Cat uses to make lesbian kittens out of her girlfriends.”

“I wish I could those levels of loyalty out of my people!” Amanda sighed.

“Don’t we all,” Nick said.

“I understand you have been hiring out some of her girls to do some quite jobs for you,” Amanda said.

“Neither confirm nor deny,” both said together with a chuckle.


Jenny and Cassie sat together in the hospital cove of the Batcave.  Cassie squeezed Jenny’s hand in a comforting, sisterly manor.  Alfred walked in with a blank look on his face. 

“Well the tests are clear,” Alfred said with a cold tone, “You are not pregnant.  But you are not off the hook just yet young lady, it might just be too early to know for sure.  So we will be doing blood tests on a weekly basis.”


Barbara sat at her computer wiggling her bottom.  She was trying to drive the pair of friends molded into her latex panties deeper into her pussy and butt.  She was contemplating how to tell her dad that she wanted to take Dick as her lawfully wedded slave and latex fuck toy.  So far ever idea she had had would result in heart attacks and multiple hospitalizations. 

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