Tony yields to Virginia's pressure

by Anzaleth
Storyline Strange effects of the Mr. Hyde formula
Previous Chapter Ms MODOK implants Hanks new fetish...and he begins to act on it.

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"Sure, I've role-played as Antoinette with you, Virginia," Tony said, starting to be affected. "But that's different from actually doing it in real life. I mean, honestly, look at my body? How am I supposed to convince the world I'm female?"

"Don't you worry your cute little head about that, Tony," Virginia chuckled. "I've taken care of that. There's a little device the Avengers salvaged from the Kree that will give you the right sort of body to get this done."


"Now, Tony, you know how important this mission is, don't you?"

Virginia smiled.

Once Tony was dealt with, she wanted to play a little with Rhodey. Nothing too dramatic. She was pretty turned-on seeing Falcon wait upon Stefanie and Virginia wanted her own big black stud. Maybe just increase Rhodey's cock size and sex-drive a little to a real "war machine," make him bi and a little more dominate to everyone but her, especially to sissies. Yes, that would be a good Black Bishop. Fucking Virginia hard and making Antonia shriek with his big black cock.

* * *

Jarvis flinched a little and rubbed his bulge. He was not normally an especially sexual man, but he had been feeling a pressure building. A burning NEED to get some action.

"Um, are you okay?"

He turned to see the most preposterous bimbo he'd ever seen. She had utterly huge breasts and ass, mixed with a ridiculous thin waist, a preposterous parody of the hourglass figure, her head piled high with golden blonde hair and her big blue eyes empty of almost any thought. 

"Um, hi," Donna Blake said.

* * *

"Good, boy," Stefanie cooed as Sam massaged her feet.

She realized she needed some more people for her court -- another Black Bishop, some Black Rooks. A few of her friends might be good in those roles. She imagined Bucky serving her as well as Sam, Sharon Carter becoming part of her system. Yes, that sounded very nice indeed.

"Another grape, ma'am?" Harriet asked.

Stefanie opened her mouth for the proffered fruit. Harriet was indeed a treasure! Stefanie decided the plump sissy needed a reward, the only reward she wanted. Someone to give him a savage fucking with a big fat dick.

* * * 

Emmett picked up the phone. "Um, yeah?"

"Emma, it's Scott. I need to talk."

Emmett screwed-up his face as he tried to concentrate. Scott? Scott? It was hard to think. Scott! They were lovers, right?

"Scotty!" Emmett giggled. "How are you?"

Emmett's thoughts were filled with images of Scott Summers bending him off, fucking the boi over and over.

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