Another hero/heroine experiences a change

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline Strange effects of the Mr. Hyde formula
Previous Chapter Tony yields to Virginia's pressure

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Gwen Stacy, the Spider-Woman of Earth 65 arrived in this universe, hoping to see Jessica Drew. Arriving at Avangers mansion, she walked into the kitchen to get a drink. She poured herself some coffee, unaware of the Hyde formula in it.

Gwen took a sip of the coffee and spat it out. It tasted terrible, but the mere tasting of it, infected her with the Hyde formula. Suddenly her crotch began to burn and it, and out of her costume, a massive erect penis grew! Gwen stroaked it, moaning and graoning in pleasure. Just how she needed to ram it into an ass! Man or woman, she didn't care, she needed something to fuck! Then she got an idea! Her 'friends' from this world would make great playthings! She chuckled as she thought of fucking Peter Parker's ass, and then thought of Mary Jane giving her a tit fuck, then Miles giving her a blowjob. Oh yes. But, despite being a stone-cold and vain bitch, Gwen decided she needed a partner in crime. She poured some of the coffe into a cup, so she could use it to turn one of her former friends into her partner. It all sounded incredible to her. Gwen fired a web and swung off, ready to start her new bisexual harem, all of which would love the touch of Gwyn,the Spider-Queen!

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