Lustina finds another heroine to convert into a Pink Lantern

by Anzaleth
Storyline Pink Lantern Revival
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Lois Lane was typing frantically at home on her computer, trying to write up a story. She had a big romantic dinner planned for Clark, with wine, candles, pasta, chocolate cake, and a new slinky nightie she had bought, but he had to go deal with an earthquake in Mexico, leaving her on her own again. Well, if she was on her own, she might as well get some work done.

"Oh, poor Lois," Lustina said as she appeared. "Superman leave you in the lurch again? He just doesn't take care of you needs, does he? You need to be more assertive."

Lois was surrounded with glowing pink energy and felt her body swell with muscles and power.

"You've been letting people push you around. Superman, Lex Luthor, even silly Jimmy Olsen. Time to show them who the REAL boss is, right?"

Lustina giggled.

* * *

Diana grinned wickedly. 

"Fuck, I need to punish my tight-assed prude of a mother so bad," she sneered. "Keeping me from Man's world, keeping me on that island with those fucking nuns. Shit, she devoted her life to keeping me as far away from big throbbing dick as possible. Well, I think she just needs some dick herself. Lots and lots of monster dick."

Burning Bimbo giggled. "Mmmmm, Monster dick."

"But now that I've realized what a bunch of frigid prudes the Amazons are, my old enemies don't seem so bad," Diana said. "Cheetah -- prrrrrr. There's a kinky lady who knows what she wants. And Circe? What a fox, and being able to turn people into monsters and animal-people."

Diana purred as she rubbed her crotch at the thought of unleashing Circe on Themyscria.

"Even Dr. Psycho. He may be a gross little misogynist pervert who loves breaking ladies' brains, but at least he knows how to have a good time. I'd love to see the look on Mommy's face when she discovers I've given a couple of Amazons to Dr. Psycho to fuck-up."

She cackled like a witch.

"Oooo, an' eye need servants," Polar Princess said. "My dear Guy Gardner. Eye think he would be a good one, yes?"

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