Lustina Revived!

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline Pink Lantern Revival
Characters Ice Fire Wonder Woman
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A pink meteor floated through space. It's origins lost to time, it's purpose unknown by many. However, as it drifted into a supernova and blackhole colission, the meteor began to let out a glow. The supernova and black hole began to be pulled to the meteor, as it was like they were being absorbed into it. Both vanished and the glow got brighter, until it began to shift. The rock turned into a beautfil woman. Her body was a neon pink, she had massive juggs the size of beachballs, her arms and legs a stunning length, her face flawless, and she had hot pink hair, styled into a short bobcut.

She let out a yawn and looked around. "Oh finally. Those pesky lanterns, sapping my energy! After a billion years,I am free again, and this time, the universe will worship lust!" she said. This was Lustina, the embodiment of Lust energy in the universe. Just like how the other lantern corps had their respective entity, Lustina was the embodiment of the Pink Lanterns, a group of sex crazed individuals, who grew more powerful from the lust they spread. She knew she needed a servant. One who would carry out her will. Sensing a powerful woman, she teleported to her and appeared in the Watchtower, which only three people occupied right now.

Wonder Woman was in the training room, punching a punching bag, when Lustina appeared before her.

Diana jumped back. "Who are your...why are you naked!?!"

"Oh, that power of yours. It's soooooooo arousing!" she said.

Diana pulled out her lasso and threw it but was in shock as the woman phased right through her lasso.

"Oh silly girl. I don't exist on anyphysical planes *tee hee*. I am lust itself! You really should try giving in to those primal instincts of your miss Amazon princess."

Wonder Woman unshethed her blade, trying to kill the pink woman, but again, it passed right through. Jsut then, Diana felt something placed on her figer, and began to sweat. She looked and saw a pink ring on her finger. She moaned and fell to the ground, as a pink energy cacoon formed around her. Inside her breasts and ass grew to massive sizes, her muscles grew larges, and she gained a foot of height. Her outfit transformed into a stunning pink nightgown, and her boots became stilleto heels. Her bracelets evaporated, and her tiara turned pink.

The cacoon disappeared as her transformation was done. Lustina smiled and floated over to Diana. "How do you feel now?"

"I...I....I feel.....amazing, and horny.....my goddess!" Diana said, looking up, with an adoring look in her eyes as she gazed upon Lustina, who had transformed her.

"Now, Diana. Tell me about yourself."

"I am the princess of the Amazons, I should be queen. That mother of mine needs to see, I am better! Oh, and don't get me started on those hot Amazons she rules over. Not only that, but Minotaurs, Centaurs, and other hot monsters. Mmm. I need monster dick!"

"Oh, you have a lot of secret fetishes. Very well, Diana, you will renounce the codename Wonder Woman. From now on, your are the leader of my Pink Lanterns. You shall be Lady Lust!"

"Oh, I love it!" Diana said. Just then two women entered the room having heard the noises, and both of them were shocked to see Diana and Lustina.

"Wonder Woman? What are you wearing? And who is that?"

"Oh, this is the goddess, Lustina. She awakened me from my dull non-sex crazed life." Diana then got an idea. "Goddess? Mind allowing them to join me?" she said with a chipper grin.

"THese two are beautiful......very well."

Diana squeed and threw her lasso, ensaring them. Beatriz and Tora struggled. Their powers being disabled by the enchanted ropes.

"Diana, please. Tink aboot wat yoo are dooing." Tora said.

Diana licked her lips. "Oh, I am." She said grinning. I am going to take the throne that should have been mine long ago. But I may need some help." Diana looked over at Lustina. "My goddess! Please, allow these two to join me in my mission! I promise you, they have alot of pent up lust......especilly tword one another." Diana said raising an eyebrow.

The girls stopped struggled, shocked by Diana's words. Both did have secrets fantisies about the other, but never in a million years did they.

"Now girls, open your hands, and let the goddess give you her blessing"

Beatriz and Tora tried to resist, but the lasso's enchantment forced them to comply. Tears ran down their faces, as they held out their hands, fingers spread, ready to recieve Pink Lantern rings.

Lustina moaned. The very sight of two women about the become Pink Lanterns was arousing...then again, so was everything to her.She blew a pink cloud of smoke, which formed into two rings. The flew over to Fire and Ice, who wept for their last moments as themselves. However as soon as the rings were one, pink lights shot out from their eye and mouths and they were infused with Lustina's light. Their asses and breasts grew to massive sizes, roughly the size of watermelons.

Beatriz's outfit vanished first as a new one took it's place. A black bikini was all she now wore, a flame pattern was on the breasts, as tatoos of flames appears on her arms. On her feat, nothing more then decorative bagles appeared. Next was Tora. As a princess, she was a prefect fit for a slutty parody of a princess dress. Modeled after that of a combination of the outfits worn by Snow White and Elsa, in the Disney movies, Tora's ass was on full display, as the 'skirt' part of the dress barely covered anything. The thong was tight, and only really covered her belly, leving her massive boobs on full display, as puffy shoulders appeard. A short blue cape, and a tall pointy hat with a ribbon falling from the top adorned her head. Her short white hair, stayed as it was, but two ribbons did tie them into 1-inch pigtails. On her feet here high heels made of unmeltable ice, the feeling of constant cold on her feet felt incredible.

Diana removed the lasso from the newly minted lanterns. Both of them were again her sisters-in-arms, but now with a new goal. Instead of being superheroes, they would bring lust to the universe! Turn all lifeforms into sex-crazed 

Beatriz and Tora were breathing deeply, the sheer transformation had made them orgasm and cum multiple times, they were on the floor gasping for air, but then they saw Lustina, and immediatly bowed to her.

"Oh goddess. Please forgive our resistance." Beatriz said

"Yas. Plees, do furgeef oor blasphamy" Tora said.

"Rise girls. You two are forgiven. You now worship lust, and that's all that matters." Lustina said with a giggle.

Fire and Ice did as told.

"However, if you are to worship me, you shall need new code names. Tell me about yourselves."

Fire went first. "Oh goddess Lustina. Thanks to you, I am now, like, so dumb, and I, like, love it. Sex is like the bestest thing ever. But that's, like, all I know. I feel like my like, formerself has been, like perged from me. Well, *giggle* aside from my love for my bestie." Beatriz said, blowing a kiss at Tora.

"Mmm. So my ring made you into a braindead bimbo? Very well, Beatriz da Costa, from this day forth you are the Burning Bimbo! You love the heated actions of sex, you love sadistic use of your powers, and most of all, lust is all you have on your mind."

Beatriz squeeled and jumped for joy, her massive boobs bouncing under her flame-pattern bikini. "Like, yes! I soooo love it. I am Beatriz da Costa, the Burning Bimbo!" she said with a saucy wink.

Lustina then looked over at Tora,, who cutsied for her.

"I was unce Tora Olafsdotter. But my name is whoot efur you chooz, goddess. Eye cum froom Scandanavia, hanse mi vay oof speaking."

"I have to admit, that accent is just so arrousing" Lustina said, groaping herself.

"Oh, goddess Lustina. Tank ooh fur your wurds. Ey am a prity princess, and haf powers ofur the cold."

Lustina giggled. No wonder the two were such good friends.

"EY luff using my princess title to haf my way! I am, haw yu say...spoiled?" Tora said, trying to think of the right word to describe her reprogrammed personal. "Ey lof to boss subjects aroond, and order them to fuk fur my amoozment and have sex wis dier princess. I also luf to whine until ey get my way. I am so....how you sa.....bratty?"

Lustina chuckled. "Alright, my dear. You my still be Tora Olafsdotter, but now, your codename as a Pink Lantern shall be Polar Princess! I feel you'll like your title."

"ooh tank u goddess! Ey am Polar Princess! The lustful spoiled brat uf a princess!"

"I'm glad you like it my dear. Now I must take my leave. You two will work under Lust Lady! Assisst her in claiming her throne will you?"

"Yes goddess Lustina!" they said.

Lustina vanished in a pink light, and Diana walked forward, wrapping her hands around their waists. "Well girls. Time to give my mommy a visit. Or, do you want to have some fun first?"

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