"Now its time for your deep tissue massage and sexual fetish inprinting"

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Dee Dee Lois Lane
Previous Chapter ... A propaganda agent

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“Now it is time for a deep tissue massage,” Dee Dee informed Lois.

Lois was led to another room where she saw a frame with a set of rubber sheets over them and a weird sort of helmet in the upper middle.

“This is a special rig,” Dee Dee wrapped her arms around to redrugged former reporter, “It allows me to give you an extra special deeeeep tissue massage and you get to enjoy some private ‘me time’ simultaneously.  And we have plenty of things to make sure you have a nice internal massage as well.

Dee Dee pointed at a glass cabinet filled with remote control vibrators.  Dee Dee walked Lois over and opened the cabinet.

“You said you needed more anal training so let me pick out somethings for you,” Dee Dee kissed Lois’ neck, “Pick one.”

Dee Dee let go of the former reporter and poured another glass of ‘tonic’ to ensure her victim remained open to the programing and warping.  She handed it to Lois who took it and drank it without hesitation.  Dee Dee then proceeded to remove Lois’ bathrobe and hung it on a waiting peg.  Dee Dee pulled out a pair of rubber gloves and a bottle of lube and started fingering Lois’ anus. 

“You like getting fucked in the ass,” Dee Dee whispered into Lois’ ear, “You feel no shame in the pleasure it gives you.”

“Pleasure, ass, Fuck,” Lois almost drooled.

“You didn’t give yourself your daily enema,” Dee Dee looked at the dirty rubber glove, she peeled it off and straight into a waist bin and got another before continuing, “Looks like I am going to have to give you one.  Or was that your plan all along?”

“Give me an enema,” Lois slurred. 

Dee Dee went over and opened a door and then beckoned for Lois to join her.  Inside was a toilet and all the things to wash out her Lois’ anus.  Lois complied with every instruction and soon her bottom was filling up with a special solution of hypnotic and aphrodisiacs.  By the fourth flush, Lois’ bottom was as empty as her thoughts.  Dee Dee then took her over to the shower stall and washed her off.  At the cabinet Dee Dee pulled out a special box and lubed up the matching vibrating dildos.  Lois made no effort to resist as she plugged by both dicks.  Dee Dee fitted her with Bluetooth earplugs and led to docile woman to the contraption.  Lois got in and followed the instructions from the earplugs to the letter.  Dee Dee saw that Lois was now spread eagle in the middle of the vacuum bed with her face in the indoctrination mask.  She sealed Lois in and hit the activate key.  Lois was vacuum packed in the latex sheets.  Dee Dee smiled to herself as she started working the woman over.  Lois was inundated.  Her ears and eyes were flooded with subliminal messages while she breathed in more hypnotics and rode the vibrating dildos.  Dee Dee was giving Lois’ body a deep tissue erotic massage.


At the half hour mark Dee Dee took the controls and hit the changeover command.  The frame raised up, and rotated 180 degrees, and then returned back down to the table it rose from.  Dee Dee started on Lois’ back side by slapping her on the ass. 


Another half hour later Dee Dee released Lois from the vac bed.  Lois could barely stand; she was fucked silly.  Dee Dee was trying to hold up Lois when Lois kissed her. 

“Mhh,” Lois murmured, “That was fun, what’s next?”

“First you need another drink,” Dee Dee got Lois another tonic and continued…

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