... A propaganda agent

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Dee Dee Lois Lane
Category Emotion Alteration Mind Change Mind Control
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“Well good bye star reporter Lois Lane-Kent,” Dee Dee muttered to herself, “Welcome to your new life as a propaganda agent!” 

Dee Dee handed the box to a waiting bimbo assistant.

“Locker Room four,” Dee Dee ordered the reprogramed former drug dealer.

Dee Dee smiled to herself as she went back to get the former reporter.  Opening the steam room she peered into the fog. 

“Lois?” Dee Dee called.

“Yes Dee Dee,” Lois slurred back in her drugged state.

“Come on dear,” Dee Dee beckoned, “The embassy wants you ready to give press conference tonight.”

“Oh,” Lois said she came out and took the offered bathrobe, “The embassy…”

“Lets start your hair removal treatments,” Dee Dee took Lois’ hand, “I must admit; I admire you.  You wasted all that time being a lowly ‘honest reporter,’ but now, now you have the masses believe whatever line you feed them.”

“Lines I feed them,” Lois half repeated.

“You love your job,” Dee Dee put an arm around Lois and whispered in Lois’ ear, “Manipulating the ignorant masses, serving your master, brainwashing heroes to serve your master and you and making them your slaves...”

“Making slaves…” Lois slurred.

“Right in here,” Dee Dee directed Lois into a treatment room. 

Dee Dee closed the door behind them and then turned back to Lois.

“Take off your bathrobe and hop up on the bed,” Dee Dee ordered.

Lois complied with Dee Dee’s orders.  As Lois laid down, Dee Dee handed her combination head set and VR goggles.  Lois put them on without a word or any hesitation.

Dee Dee took out her tablet and hit the activation prompt.  She then proceeded to pull some safety gear before getting the laser hair removal gear.


Lois watched as the video started playing, it was a view from a podium overlooking a massed crowd.  She watched as the situation played out.  She almost could here herself speaking to the crowd.  She was playing them, whipping the horde into an unquestioning mob.


Lois was repeating some of the things from the VR program that had been sent to the Salon.  Dee Dee laughed as she removed all of Lois’ pubic hair.


The video changed to another rally, Lois swore she was standing in for Garbles.  It was like she was speaking at the Nuremburg rally, except there were no NAZI logos or swastikas.  Instead she looked out over the sea young people in uniform under the same stylized mask logo.  She could hear herself start her speech in the ear phones, but this time it was in a different language.  Something told her she needed to learn this new language.  She needed to make others learn this new language!


Dee Dee hadn’t even needed to use any sexual toys to stimulate her victim, Lois’ snatch might as well have been the relief drain under a busted pipe.  She slid two fingers in between Lois’ lower lips and then put them in Lois’ mouth.  Lois sucked them like it was a popsicle. 


The videos went dark and silent for a short period.  Then the headset was removed.  Lois looked up at Dee Dee.  Lois knew that Dee Dee would make her beautiful, sexy, and alluring.  She would help Lois ensnare others into the service of her master.  Dee Dee took the offered drink without question. She put on the bathrobe Dee Dee handed her.  Lois noticed the mirror, and with a smirk she opened her robe to see her hairless body.  Damn did she look good.

“Now it is time for…” Dee Dee started to Lois.

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