Diana heads to her Satyr's Anonymous meeting.

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC Transformation Mind Change Breast Expansion
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman wakes up in control again... And a bit bigger.

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It took Wonder Woman quite some time to find clothing that fit her larger frame, now being over 8 feet tall and sporting curves to make a sports car jealous, the giantess of a satyress, huffed and groaned even after she managed to find something that fit. Tugging at her dress to make sure it wasn’t going to burst at the seams if she leaned down or take a deep breath, Diana sighed and gathered her things. “Girls.” She called out to her daughters in the living room. “I’m heading off to my meeting today, try and make sure your new siblings are well taken care of while I’m away.”


“Yessum!” Chirped Hestia with a mock salute, the rest of her sisters giving their own sign of acknowledgment before Eris called back to her mother at the door. “Let me guess, you’re going back to that group of sexually repressed prudes who are trying to play the longest game of orgasm denial on Earth?”


Taken back and now red in the face, Diana answered back in protest. “ERIS! Language!... And No, they are not prudes, they are a group of like minded Satyrs who believe that this transformation should not define who we are, that just because we have been turned into beings of explosive sexual desire and appetite doesn’t mean we should succumb to a fate of screwing and eating with wild abandon!”


Raising an eyebrow with a smirk, Eris rolled her eyes and went back to watching TV with the rest of her brothers and sisters. “Riiiiiiiiight, let me know if one of them explodes when your top bursts open.”


Fuming at her daughter, Diana slammed her front door shut and stormed out of her apartment, wringing her hands tightly and blushing hotly at her daughter’s comments. “I need to give that girl a fierce talk to, YES I’m a satyress, but that doesn’t mean I’m some walking talking sex symbol… I mean, it’s not like I’m too much woman to handle, right?!”


Turning sharply to walk down the street, Diana knocked the mailman off his feet when her bust struck him across the face like a brick filled pillow. “Uhm… Sorry.” Slowly getting up and holding his head, the man gathered his deliveries up under his arm and looked around, stunned. “What a wallop! I couldn’t handle that… dunno if ANY man could.”


Blushing even more hotly and crossing her arms over her breasts, Diana made a quick jaunt towards her meeting, leaving the man to stagger about looking for his dropped mail.




Less than an hour later and more than a few dozen cat calls from passers by, construction workers and even her own cab driver. Diana Prince finally made it to the Satyr’s anonymous meeting without too much trouble. Sitting down in a circle with the rest of the meeting’s patrons, Diana sighed with relief now that she was in a place of civility again… More or less.


Two of the Satyr anonymous members looked anxious, fidgeting in their chairs and crossing and recrossing their legs repeatedly. Five others fanned themselves, looking flushed and hot for some reason. Granted Diana fared no better as the smell of so many satyrs and satyresses in heat filled the large room with pheromones. The only one not effected in the slightest was the petite, well dressed human woman with a note pad in her hands standing up to gain everyone’s attention. “Welcome everyone to another group meeting with Satyr’s Anonymous, I’m very please to see all of our familiar faces still here along with a few new ones. So lets begin shall we? Who wants to take the floor?”


Standing up and brushing down her skirt, Diana cleared her throat and spoke up. “Hello everyone, my name is Diana and… I’m a satyress.”


“Hello Diana.” Greeted the crowd of goat people.


“I regret to say, I’ve hit a pitfall yesterday.” A mix of murmurs filled the room before Diana continued. “I had a… Co worker who had been struggling with all this too and well, he snapped and screwed everything that moved, including me.” The group in the circle shared mixed emotions about the situation but let the curvaceous satyress continue. “Now 24 hours later, an empty kitchen and a ruined coffee table later I’m now the proud mother of four new kids to feed back home.”


The murmuring grew more loud and sympathetic, with some satyresses in the group commenting off hand. “At least they grow out of diapers fast!”

Sitting up from her chair, the professional looking group leader repositioned her glasses and spoke up. “Now, now Miss Prince, it’s understandable that you feel guilty that this happened, but it wasn’t your fault.” Lifting a glass of ice cold water and taking a sip, the blonde therapist continued. “Sometimes these things happen, after all life is unpredictable and spontaneous… Besides, I bet he was a pretty great lay.”


Blinking back at the woman’s comment, the rest of the satyrs in the room watched on as she cleared her throat and took another sip. “What I mean to say is, its best to enjoy life while you can, but know that a good life is one filled with responsibility and care… And a good bull ride every Friday night at the bar! Am I right?” Drinking more heavily from her glass, the rest of the group began to realise something was happening. Downing her glass in one go, the therapist gasped when she suddenly grew more full bodied. Her hips flaring so wide, her skirt burst open at the side, her buttoned-down jacket popping one button after the other when her breasts began ballooning past one cup size after the other. By the time it looked like it was slowing down, she had grown a healthy pair of DDs. “Hot DAMN! You boys have been trying to hold this back? Really?” Grabbing the pitcher from the nearby table, the rest of the satyrs were too late to try and stop the now pleasure addicted woman as she upturned the pitcher into her open mouth. From there, things went from bad, to worse, to really worse, to HOLY SHIT WOMAN! Guzzling down more than a liter of tainted water, the therapist had practically exploded out of her cloths, growing up and out in every direction. DDs turned to F, then G, then H and even further as her bra had already snapped and nearly took someone eye out. Her bust rising when a second pair started growing under her original pair and swelled up to match. A white fluffy tail popped out behind her when her skirt finally tore apart, and her slippers burst to free her new cloven feet. When she tossed the empty pitcher over her shoulder and sighed out with plump lips, the new satyress twitched her eye when a pair of horns popped out of her scalp, completing her transformation.


Breathing hard and looking at her therapy group like candy in kids store, the new satyress locked eyes with one of her more well-hung patients and licked her lips. “Hey big boy, I’m trying out to be an amateur pole dancer… Mind if I take a spin on YOUR pole?”


The satyr never had a chance to answer when she body tackled him to the ground, straddling him and clawing at his cloths. Leaving Diana and the others to watch on stunned.

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