Meanwhile Hawk Girl has problems of her own.

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Characters Hawkgirl Flash
Category DC Mind Change M/F Transformation
Previous Chapter Diana heads to her Satyr's Anonymous meeting.

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“What a pain in the ass…”

Making her way down the street, Shayera tugged at her skin-tight skirt and rolled her shoulder. After giving birth to triplets and leaving them in the care of her five other kids, Hawk Girl had gone out grocery shopping, a task that seemed a daily chore of late. “Should have known better than to think I could trick the Batman into believing my kids were his… Paranoid bastard.” Making her way down the side walk, the 8-foot-tall winged goat woman got quite a few stares. And a few cat calls.

“Hey, furry conventions on the other side of town gorgeous!”

“Well HELLO sexy! You a hot angel or a cool devil?”

“That’s a HUGE bitch!”

Smirking back at the attention, she gave one of her admirers across the street a wink with a hand at he wide hip before continuing, looking back at her reflection in the window of a nearby coffee shop. “I mean, heck, they COULD be his… Maybe… I sure as hell can’t remember, that was a wild party that night.” Posing back at forth, the red-haired goat woman checked herself over, finding that her four breasts had swollen larger again, in fact her whole figure was more full bodied than ever. She was hardly fat, but then again, she sure as hell wasn’t petite either. “At least the attention’s been great, I turned heads before, but now?” Making another pose, she kissed back at her reflection until her eyes refocused to look inside the coffee shop. Inside she found several dozen people drinking their coffees like they were suddenly thirsty… Like, just crawled out of a dessert thirsty.

At first it didn’t seem too problematic, that is until the business woman chugging three mochas at once shuddered and sprouted horns. One by one, everyone inside the café began to transform, bursting out of their cloths to make way for horns, fluffy tails, cloven feet, massive breasts compared to large melon fruits and schlongs that rivalled deli meats. Hawk Girl could only stand there and blink. “What… The…”


And just like that, a coffee house immediately turned into a brothel when the whole lot of newly transformed satyrs and satyresses collided into each other. Watching intently and finding herself getting aroused from the sight, Hawk Girl was beside herself. “I… I should do something, try to stop all this, tell the others… Or something.” While the escapade played out in front of her, Hawk Girl noticed a powerful scent in the air, one that made her nipples go stiff and a warm shudder pass through her. “Someone… Someone should get in there and show them how to have a REAL party!” The hint of pumpkin and cinnamon filled her nostrils, along with the aroused pheromones of a dozen satyrs in heat that made it as hard to think as it was for a diabetic not to fall into a coma in a chocolate factory.

“After all… Every party needs a chaperone…” Ripping open her blouse, Hawk Girl stepped into the café, her wings ruffling after she passed the doorframe.


“Aaaahhh… This is the life.” Chuckled Buck, lounging back against the ruins of a couch while his herd partied all around him.

After the ‘jacuzzi fun’ at the water treatment plant, Buck brought the whole lot with him back to Merlyn’s mansion… Or what was left of it. By now it looked less than a mansion and more like a bunch of metal girders and a concrete floor. Just about everything else had been broken, ruined or flat out eaten by the dozens of hungry, horny goat people still partying away like it was all nothing. At the very least, the music, TV and couch were still intact.

Priorities of course!

All around him, his herd continued to eat and fornicate, living it up just like he told them to. The only ones not partying like it was the end of the world were Zatanna and Power Girl who after hours and hours of overstimulation had finally taken its toll. The pair sleeping at Buck’s cloven feet and using his thighs as head rests.

“Hey guys, wanna see a trick?” The lead goat man called out, getting a chorus of cheers from the crowd when Buck got up from his seat (much to the tired disappointed moans of his two ladies) and grabbed a keg Zatanna had conjured earlier. Popping the cork and hefting the small barrel up high, the Satyr lord drank an entire keg worth of beer in one go, his stomach bloating tight once filled. Crunching the barrel over his head like a beer can and tossing it over his shoulder, Buck grabbed a lighter nearby and burped. With the intensity of a fog horn, his belch could be heard over the entire mansion area, especially once he lit it all on fire! A plume of flame shot out up intro the air, taking the form of a satyress that winked back at the crowd and blew a kiss of smoke before disappearing.

With that, the herd cheered out again, hooting and hollering while their leader bowed and raised a hand to his pointed ear. “What’s that? You folks want another? Well who am I to say…”

A red blur whizzed through the hollow mansion, zipping past one group of satyrs after the other before finally stopping in front of Buck. Blinking back at the red furred satyr looking around like a wide eyed with a stupid grin, Buck could only clap his hands and laugh.

“HEY! Big Red! What took ya so long? Party’s been going for hours.”

“I know…” Giggled the Flash, looking around to see dozens of satyrs laughing, drinking and eating all around him. “I could smell this place for miles away.”

“WHELP, live it up brother, eat to your heart’s content, drink to your heart’s content and plow until you’ve got no seeds in your sack.” Laughed the Satyr Lord before leaning in close to whisper in the Flashes pointed ear. “Oh! And FYI, the blonde likes to swallow!” Winked Buck, gesturing with his thumb over to Power Girl, dozing away near the couch and looking significantly more larger than when Barry saw her last.

“Ooh, I’m going LOVE this place.” Laughing together, Buck and Barry shook hands before rearing back and headbutting each other. Then staggering back in a dizzy blur. “OK… Shouldn’t have done that.”

“My left eye is blurry, should that be happening?”

“I always thought my horns were like built for that, I didn’t know they were vestigial.”

“I’m having trouble standing, is there a chair somewhere?”

Slowly getting their bearings, the two satyrs chuckled and joined the rest of the herd in the fun. Drinking and eating until nightfall came. Even then the party didn’t stop.

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