by Drake G. Reaper
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Welcome to Milfburg, a planned community for Sexy, Curvy Mommies!

Oh, I do hope you enjoy your stay! Since it's March, and March most certainly needs Moms, this city, the size of Portland, will always land right at the start of March! Isn't that peachy?! Now this wonderful MILF filled city has a habit of drawing in visitors and turning them into extremely fertile MILFs. But for the men who visit Milfburg they become delicate little sissies equipped with massive cocks and balls to pleasure and breed all the horny MILFs.

Milfburg has 5 distinct districts.

Hot Flash Heights, for the older mother types.

Cougar Den, for the adventurous older mommies.

Preggo Town, catered for the pregnant moms every need!

June Cleaver Circle, an in the City suburban community with moms with more traditional values.

Sunflower Square, for the new age mamas with down to earth vibes. First things first, where to land?

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