by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Tf cities
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Xavier called the mandatory vacation a bonding exercise. And, frankly, Jean, Emma, Kitty, Storm, Jubilee, Ilyanna, Domino, Sage, Rogue, and Laura needed it. For six months, they've been at each other's throats, making the mansion a very uncomfortable setting for the students.

"Did we seriously have to drive to Ocean City?" Emma, in the back seat next to Storm and Jubes crosses her arms. She didn't want to spend a week in some random town in Maryland, but Charles was insistent.

"Suck it up, Ice Queen." Kitty lectured. "None of us want to do this either."

"That's weird." Jean raised an eyebrow, driving.


"We should be there by now... but all I see is signs for something called Milfburg."

"Milfburg?" Storm squinted.

"Yeah, let's just keep going till we find Ocean City, okay?" Emma scoffed. "I don't want to be caught dead in place called Milfburg." And that's when the car broke down at the city limits. All the girls stared at Emma.

"Like I caused it!" Emma rolled her eyes.

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