Bubba's new power toy

by jtreat6969
Storyline The JLA's new nemesis, Bubba
Characters Power Girl Wonder Woman Huntress Superman
Category Wonder woman
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Powergirl suited up in her traditional white spandex suit with red cape emblazoned with the house of EL insignia. She placed the gloves on her hands and flexed them. She had been hoping for something to hit. She felt ashamed that she had been so week when it came to watching the video of her friend being raped? Watching the video Huntress, Wonder Woman, Even Kal seemed to me genuinely enjoying themselves. Sure their responses were rehearsed but the looks on their faces the screams and moans of pleasure all looked genuine. A shiver ran down her spine, as she wondered if she would indeed be captured and then made to feel that pleasure in  such a genuine manner. She flew off to meet the rest of the League. While in mid-flight she received a signal that only Kal could send her. It was a piercing noise in her skull followed by his voice. He was telling that he wanted to meet her and gave her directions. He also stated that Krytonians could take brief respite from Bubba's control but only briefly. He stated that he did not have long and that no matter what happened if she came she would be made into nothing more than a sex toy for Bubba's pleasure and entertainment.

Cheecking the location she realized that the meeting place was the same strip club Bruce had visited and seen Wonder Woman performing at. She forwarded the information to the League and advised them to standby in case she went missing. She advised Bruce that the strip club was where Bubba was located. To her surprise there was no reply from Batman. 
She hurried to the location at super sonic speeds. Her arric=val was met with a Sonic Boom. She searched the Location with every known sense available to her. Her super hearing turned up several heartbeats inside as well as loud booming music. The club was lead lined making x ray vision useless, miroscopic vision detected several cracks in the foundation of the building and an open and unlocked door but little else. She walked to the door only to be met by a six foot well built man in a tux who greeted her. "Madam Supergirl you are expected within".  He smiled warmly and asked if he could take her gloves for her. She declined and entered mentally preparing herself for what she would see. What greeted her was opposite of what she expected. She expected a gas attack and to be jumped by several thugs. She was instead escorted to a seat inside a normal strip club. People from all walks of life were inside conversing with dancers and ordering drinks and dances. She used her vision to check each drink being ordered and could not find any trace of any drugs or anything wrong with the drinks which were poured from the tap at the bar or from a soda hose. 
She cecked the vents and nothing but purified air was being pumped through the vents. SHe observed Wonder Woman exit a VIP room dance cleaning the cum  off her stomach from a customer. She looked over at Karen and smiled before ducking behind a shin curtain that did little to hide her feminine curves. Karen knew better than to approach her. Wonder Woman walked across the open space of the floor and into the dressing room with hardly a look.  A new song came on and the next dancer was announced. Karen was almost surprised to hear the Dancer announced as Huntress. She saw her friend sashay up the stairs to the stage in a pink  fishnet body suit. She began to sway her hips sensually.  She then climbed the pole and put her acrobatic skills and bouncing ass on display. She tore the top of her bodysuit to give a better view of her tits as she finished her first song. Heading into song #2 she grabbed  the area around her trimmed pussy and stretched her body suit so that a large hole was visible displaying her wares for all to see. She was flush from her physical performance. She smiled happy that she was being tipped  by many of the men in the room.  One of the men a dark skinned man asked her for a dance as she picked up her dollar bills, She smiled and told him to give her just a minute to get herself ready. She then retreated to the same dressing room as Wonder Woman without looking at Karen. 
Karen stood up and walked to the bar she ordered herself a soda. The bartender who appeared to be a 25 year old woman with blond hair and ass implants served her the drink with out comment. Karen took a moment to walk by the dressing room door which was covered by a thin black curtain. She could see Wonder Woman as beutiful as she always was sitting naked with one leg on a dressing table speaking to Huntress who was smiling. Huntress stopped talking and then walked out of the dressing room still in the ripped bodysuit and smiled as she walked arm and arm with the dark skinned man to the lap dance area.  She was watching Wonder Woman apply her glistening lipstick when she was approached from behind. She could feel the body heat behind her. She turned around and did not see anyone. SHe stopped and had to look down and then she saw her. She saw Bubba in the flesh . She was dressed in a simple shirt and a pencil skirt and heels. She could see Bubba's massive breasts which looked to put hers to shame and her's were unanimously impressive even among Super heroes. Behind her in a tuxedo was her cousin Kal. 
"Nice to see you fuck power " stated Bubba. 
Karen scowled at her with a firceness that backed down almost any other foe. 
Bubba yawned and sat down "Hey power fuck why did you come here? was it beacause your curious how i turned all your friends into sex addicts who will do anything to please me? perhaps its because you want to feel the same pleasure they do? "
"I'm here to rescue all those you've taken prisoner" replied Powergirl.
"Really? Superman am I keeping any prisoners?" asked Bubba
"No mistress all here serve you of their own accord." Kal answered
"You see you poor stick like child i do nothing that they do not want to do."
Bubba told Karen "Hmmm time for me to perform just like the rest i want you to stay and watch. If you dont like what you see your free to go afterwards. If you try to harm me my loyal body guard here will stop you isnt that right?
"Yes mam" Kal replied
"So you just want me to watch you dance and then i can go?" Karen asked quizically.
"Didn't i just say that? But on the other hand if you like what you see then i invite you stay and enjoy yourself. Perhaps you'll enjoy some of the finer things i can offer as well." Bubba said
Karen looked around and nodded her head accepting that she really didn't see anything she could do about the situation with her cousin protecting Bubba. 
Bubba invited her to take a seat next to the stage in the front row as her special guest.
Bubba hopped up on stage and began a twirling routine to the hoots and hollars of the crowd. Her massive breasts barely contained by her shirt. Karen observed that the shirt rode up to barely cover the bottom of those massive utters. Powergirl began to feel inadeqate around Bubba. Powergirl's boob window was always used as a distraction in Powergirls favor. Now it just seemed stupid. Bubba removed her pencil skirt to show off her trim round ass. She hiked herself up the pole in the middle of the stage exposing the bottoms of her breasts to the onlookers below. Powergirl scanned Bubba but found that her breasts were all natural. 
She flipped upside down and the shirt stayed in place only exposing the erect nipples poking out from the shirt Bubba smiled and then flipped her shirt up to reveal the most perfect set of breasts she had ever seen. Bubba eased herself down  the pole. She walked over and stripped off her panties so that only the shirt resting on top of her heaving chest remained. Bubba walked over over to Powergirl and then got on her hands and knees. she pressed her large tits into Powergirl's face with a cold smile. "Like what you see sweety?"
Powergirl breathlessly and quietly said, "Yes"
Bubba asked are you willing to learn how to become a real woman and do everything i say like your cousin and your two friends here?"
"Yes" Karen replied almost to herself. 
"Would you like to feel the pleasures i have to offer?" Bubba said as she winked over at Superman who stood behind Powergirl and was naked with a raging hard on within a second. 
"Please can you show me how to be a real woman like you" Karen begged. 
"Bubba smiled to herself as she had her second Krytonian prize "You have to show me you can earn the privelage.. For starters lets see how well you eat pussy power fuck. If you do well enough i might test you against Wonder Whore and my super stud behind you.
Karen looked back and saw her cousin's hard on waiting for permission to act. Karen then looked at Bubba who had taken a seat on the stage with her legs dangling over the edge. The perfect breasts shining in the light and glistening with a slight sheen of sweat. Karen then lowered her head and began tounging Bubba for all she was worth.

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