Powergirl's Orgy

by jtreat6969
Storyline The JLA's new nemesis, Bubba
Characters Power Girl Superman
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter Bubba's new power toy

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Bubba walked into her office wet and satisfied. Powergirl was an excellent lesbian lover. Bubba had a few things on her mind however. She kept thinking Powergirls capture too easy that it had to be a trap. Granted everyone she came across became memorized by her magnificent tata's. But due to the repeated warning's by Superman, Wonder Woman even she herself had given a warning Powergirl still came willingly and Bubba thought that there must be another shoe waiting to drop. She couldn't wait any longer however as her business partner's in the porn industry needed a new star. 
She smiled as she observed Powergirl resting naked in a warm bath of scented oils. Bubba smiled she so far had single handedly turned Superman into her personal sex slave. Wonder Woman was the city's highest paid stripper/ prostitute out of her club. The Huntress was now a street walking slut to the dismay of dear old commisioner daddy. She was doing well by all regards. she had all the money, notoriety and cock she wanted. She shamed other women even the greatest among them. 
Well business is business. She turned off her security screen and walked down to her Harem room where hundreds of the best looking men and women awaited her every command. She called to Powergirl and explained to her that in order to become a woman like Bubba she would need to take dick like Bubba. Powergirl was on her knee asking for the chance to serve her. Bubba smiled and then announced to the other people in the room. "I want this bitch covered in cum. I want it to leak out of every hole she has. Powerslut you will now serve me as my new XXX adult film star. The world will see you for the slut you are. You are going to beg for cock and cum and it will all be captured on video. Your face will be seen by millions of your fans and admirers." 
"I  understand mistress i am to be your Porn Star" Powergirl responded. And with that she began sucking off the first male that approached her. She was soon encircled except for a camera crew that was recording the action. She felt hands and lips tugging and sucking her nipples. She began to raise her hips so some of the men could get underneath her and behind her. She opened up her body to those around her. She felt the first cock enter her ass while her mouth was being filled with cum. Her ass was filled with cock as an unknown man lowered her down onto one of the biggest cock's she had ever seen. It was about 9 inches long but thick as a boa constrictor. She sighed in contentment as it slowly filled her womb. She smiled as both cocks began pumping into her. She could not feel the measly efforts of a human fucking her but she would put on a great show for her mistress. She took another cock into her mouth and began using both her hands to jerk off two more. Bubba handed a marker to one of the men and whispered into his ear. The man smiled and nodded. He then approached her and began writing on her chest. In a few seconds the words "My new porn name is Powerslut!" The man then continued writing on her lower stomach "CUM Here" with an arrow pointed to her cock filled cunt. He then wrote the word SLUT in big bold letters on her forhead. After a half hour of having all her holes filled. She could feel cum leaking out of her ass and cunt, her mouth was sore from the exertion not from any phyical pain but from all the sucking she had been doing. She had cum in her hair, on her face and all over her body. Powergirl was obviously faking her orgasms.
Bubba could tell Powergirl was faking her orgasms. That will be bad for business and the video sales she thought. She called to Superman. "My dear i think its time you showed her the pleasures you spoke of when you sent her the video's"
Superman smiled and then drifted toward's his cousin. Superman was naked with a second. Watching his beutiful cousin fucking and sucking like a wonten whore made his dick hard quickly. He took his place behind her his cock of steel aimed and primed to enter her cum filled slit. As she was sucking off a man with an incredible 11 inch cock she suddenly felt it. The cock of no ordinary mortal. This was the cock who could please her. She immediately shoved her ass backwards and engulfed Superman's cock all the way to the base. Powergirl moaned in pleasure. She then looked back and observed her cousin as the man holding her hips with his dick buried inside her. She smiled at him and said"Incestwith my cousin a gangbang and enough cum to last me a lifetime what more could a slut like me want Kal?" In response she just heard a grunt of satisfaction. Powergirl moaned as an orgasm overtook her. Superman began to thrust harder and faster into her. Powergirl screamed his name. "oh god Kal fuck me... fuck me like your personal slut... i want your baby Kal i want you to breed me like a common street whore. Fuck me Kal please shove your cock deeper into your slut's cunt. I want you to cum in me baby cum into your cousin's cunt. Superman changed the angele of his thrusts causing Powergirl to buck wildly. She was hit with a powerful orgasm that caused her to start squirting directly at the camera man. 
Superman for his part was trying to please his cousin as ordered. Powergirl at this point had been fucked to madness. She tightened her pussy muscles around his cock and began to milk him for all he was worth. Within a minute she felt him begin to shoot his thick ropes of cum into the back of her cervix. She orgasmed as he shuddered inside her. 
Bubba smiled.. A two hour video showing the debut of Powergirl turned into Powerslut. She immediately uploaded the video onto the internet. The camera man asked her if she had anything to say to her fans. From under the thick coats of cum covering her face and tits she smiled and replied. "I hope they enjoy this video as i'm going to be making many many more. I will no longer be a superhero my new calling is a gangbang porn star named Powerslut."
Now who to recruit next? Perhaps on the next film she would make Wonder Woman join her friend... possibilities, Bubba smiled     

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