Sue and Johnny talk

by jessiesgirl
Storyline Wedding of the century
Characters Invisible Woman Human Torch Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Previous Chapter Sue and Carol are interrupted by someone else

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"I always have time for my little brother.  Carol If you want, head to Moondragon and I's room.  I'll be there shortly and we can continue our conversation then".

"Thanks Sue.  Congratulations again" Carol said as she hugged her friend and blushing bride before heading upstairs.
As Sue and Johnny found a remote part of the ballroom Sue was interested to hear what Johnny said.  He was one of the few who felt Sue's relationship with Heather was a mistake.
"What's up Johnny?  I know you're still not over my split with Reed".
"It's not about that at all sis.  I've accepted your...new life.  I wanted to talk to you about Crystal.  I didn't know you were inviting her".
"Of course we were.  Just because you two broke up doesn't mean we're not still friends.  I talk with Crystal all the time".
"Ah jeez Sue.  I haven't seen her since our breakup.  She looks really good and well, it's stirring up old feelings.  Do you think you could talk to her for me.  Get feel of things before I try to make a move?"
"Of course little brother.  That's what family is for".
Meanwhile as Carol neared the Honeymoon Suite she started to hear some strange noises emanating from the room.  As she blasted into the room, what she saw shocked even her...the woman who gave birth to her own boyfriend (don't ask).

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