Sue Talks With Crystal About Johnny

by jessiesgirl
Storyline Wedding of the century
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As Sue and Johnny finished their conversation the beaming bride made her way over to the Inhuman princess and the Human Torch's ex, Crystal.  She looked different since the last time Sue had seen the woman.  Her short hair radiating in the hall's lights.  They greeted each other in a warm embrace of friends reuniting after being apart for so long.  Before the first words came out of their lips though, they were interrupted by a unexpected but fortuitous guest - Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans.

"Sue my friend, congratulations on your nuptials. Crystal and I are glad to have been invited to witness this joyous celebration.  The rest of the royal family send their regards" Medusa said giving a courtesy bow.
"The honour is ours that you both could make it.  It's been too long since we've been together.  You both are looking well, especially you Crystal.  I love the new look".
Crystal blushed as she an a hand through her short locks. "Thanks Sue.  I felt it was time for a new look...as I'm sure you felt too" Sue smiled as she began to form a plan to have both women join her and Moondragon.
"I certainly know what you mean.  I never would have thought I would ever willingly shave my head but ever since being with Heather it's intrigued me.  Once we were together it was only a matter of time.  And to be honest I don't think I'll ever go back.  It's an incredible feeling.  You both should try it sometime".
"I could never do that. My hair is my power.  Without it how could I rule?"  Medusa said shocked at the suggestion.
"Medusa you're more than your hair.  Trust me.  Give it a shot and see.  I promise...it will change how you see yourself and maybe even each other.  Tell you what. Join Heather and I in our room later and we can discuss it more.  Speaking of, I should go find my wife. Think about it though.  You won't regret it" Sue said giving a quick peck on the cheek to both Inhumans as she walked off in search of Moondragon.

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