Gwen Turns Evil

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline Gwenom
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It had been three months since Gwen had lost her powers. She had been given an experimental symbiote to replicate them. However, ever since she obtained the symbiote suit, she began to feel differant. As she fought crime, for some reason, she found herself desiring to pull of heists of her own. She shook of the feeling, but as she continued, she found herself arroused by evil. She was having a hard time focusing on crime fighting, when she wanted to just ride the cocks of any villain she fought. She was no slut, but for some reason she had been feeling more agressive and feeling more dominant. Using her dimensional watch, Gwen went to Peter's world to try and see if hehad any advice to help her control this new suit.

She swung through the city, on her way to Peter's appartment, when she saw a muscular person punch down a wall. She swung down, and landed, making a small crater around her as she punched the ground as she landed.

"You! What are you up to?" Gwen said, taking a fighting stance.

"Huh, what do you want with ussssss?" Venom said as he turned around "Huh? What is that?"

Gwen could feel her desires to fuck this criminal return, but she managed to shake it off. She knew this had to be this world's version of her symbiote, and attacked. As Gwen punched him, she was shocked to see the gooey outfit she wore, became stuck to his.

"Raaaahhhhggggg" Venom screamed in pain. Suddenly the symbiote peeled back from Eddie's boddie, and began to be assimilated into Gwen's.

"What the fuck?!" Gwen said, she tried to pull her fist away, but the symbiote mearly stretched as it, continued to be absorbed into her's. Gwen tried to get it off, but the symbiote just began to change around her. Forming claws on her hands and talons on her feet. Gwn moaned as she felt arush of power in her body. With the second symbiote absorbed into her's she felt even more powerful, as if she could take anything she wanted! Gwen tried to fight it off, but it began to overpower her. Her face beame monster like. A massive gaping mouth with long fangs and a long slimy tounge, with green drool formed. Her breasts, ass, and muscles all grew, as did her darked desires.

Gwen took some deep breaths as her transformation from absorbing the second symbiote was complete. She stood back up, hunched over. Every inch of her skin covered by the black goop of the symbiote. Suddenly a wicked grin crossed her face. She was not Spider-Woman anymore, she was Gwenom, the Symbiote Slut! Oh all the stuff she culd claim with this new power. She could rape people, rob places, corrupt others. All of it was to much for Gwen, already made agressive by the first symbiote, and with this second one, she was full-on evil now. But what would be her first crime? She knew she had to pay a visit to one of her 'friends', but who would be first?

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