Boxing up the Suits

by C.King
Storyline Suit Up!
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There are villains, supervillains, criminals, various bad guys and bad girls... Everyone of them doing bad things and crimes. Any number of them fighting a hero. Till one day... they vanish!

 Or did they?

Or did they instead merely get transformed?

Where once were villains, now were boxes with mailing addresses. Boxes containing sexy versions of the villain's signature clothing or costume. Magically able to fit anyone. Clothing which now contained the power of the villain, their skills as well as knowledge and attributes, and much of their personality. Anyone putting on the costume, following the impulse the costume gives off, is infused with those skills, powers, and personality.

 The addresses on the boxes were magic, to be delivered to various sex women in the world. Heroines, celebrities, love interests, and so on... To be found with the women who would place them on. Gaining the attributes of the villain, as well as their obsession with their hero. Save that obsession would become more romantic in nature as well.

Why was all of this happening? Was it some sick game of the gods? A prank by cosmic beings? Unknown magics, science or the mix of the two gone wrong? Who knows? But we soon see their effects as they affect a hero and their villains in the world of...

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C.King - 5/16/2018 5:15 PM
Interesting zig zags at the moment, GAV. Will she, won't she... be in the harem.
gothamalleyviper - 5/16/2018 5:04 PM
Posted another chapter, please leave feedback.
Gorel - 5/13/2018 9:44 PM
There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
Gorel - 5/13/2018 9:40 PM
There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
gothamalleyviper - 5/13/2018 2:44 PM
To all the mothers out there have a nice day. I thought about adding to Holiday Madness, but other than giving someone morning sickness I couldn't think of what to do.
Gorel - 5/13/2018 11:54 AM
Happy Mother's Day!
gothamalleyviper - 5/12/2018 6:00 PM
Still not sure which path to take for Harem App, if anyone has a vote let me know.
JimmyKasche - 5/11/2018 10:44 AM
I need to get back to writing but the site being down for as long as it did kinda sapped my motivation... I still have the last Boomerang PC chapter open in a tab... staring at me..
C.King - 5/9/2018 9:38 PM
Do what you feel safe doing.
gothamalleyviper - 5/9/2018 9:32 PM
I copied it to the alt. Still debating backing up Dicks Harem App.

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