Follow Lily as she shows Kitty and Laura around Preggo Town.

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Tf cities
Previous Chapter The Torism Board takes the car and separates the ladies and show them around the city.

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Following Lily into Preggo Town the two female mutants are shocked at the site. Everywhere they look they see pregnant women well everywhere, some women in the early stages of pregnancy, others seem to nearing the end of there terms, and some have to use wheelchairs to maneuver with there massive pregnant bellies.

"Wow I don't think I've ever seen so many pregnant women in one place before." Kitty remarks.

"Yup that's Preggo Town for you while you will see pregnant women in all of the districts. This is the place to be for those of us who like being preggers and getting repeatedly pregnant. After all I'm only a couple of months into my 4th pregnancy." Lily says with some pride at the end.

"You're on your 4th!" Kitty says surprised. "You said you were only a couple of months into this pregnancy you already look like you're due. How many are in there?" Kitty asks.

"Six my highest yet." Lily says beaming with pride. "So how far along are the two of you?"

"What do you mean how far along we are we're not pregnant." Laura replies.

"Now don't lie to me I've been living here for a few years I can tell is someone's pregnant at just a glance. For instance Laura I'm pretty sure you've got at least seven maybe even ten in there and you Kitty at least quads maybe quints." Lily tells them.

The two female mutants look at each other unsure of Lily's words. Kitty's and Laura's hands go towards there stomachs that start to swell outwards. "Well there was that party a month ago me and Peter did have sex. I thought we used protection what about you Laura?" Kitty asks her friend.

"I don't really remember that night I think I had sex but I can't remember with who." Laura admits rubbing her growing belly.


Back with the other ladies they are still waiting on the various tour guides to appear. Fortunately they don't have to wait long. "Hello dears I'm looking for a Miss Frost and Miss Lee." A voice calls out.

Turning to the source of the voice they see a heavily pregnant blonde woman dressed in 50's style dress with her hair in a bun. Emma and Jubilee go to greet the odd woman.

"Hello I'm Jubilee and that's Emma and you are?" Jubilee asks.

"Oh how rude of me I haven't introduced my self. I am Elizabeth Anne Summers-Harris pleased to meet you." Elizabeth introduces herself. "If you would please follow me I have so much to show you."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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