The Torism Board takes the car and separates the ladies and show them around the city.

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Tf cities
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Exiting the car the ladies take a look at the engine after fiddling with it and trying to fix it they give up. Just as Storm takes out her phone to call AAA they see another car coming down the road. Easily getting there attention the car pulls up next to them. The car's occupants are two women dressed in matching uniforms one being a brunette and the other a blonde. Both women have the appearance of being in there thirties both have incredible figures though the brunettes is obscured by her massively pregnant belly.

"Hey there you girls need any help?" The blonde asks.

"Yeah our car seems to have broken down and we have no way to fix it." Jean admits.

"Don't worry about it we'll tow you back to town, then we'll give you the grand tour. By the way I'm Emma Swan and this is Lily Paige." Emma gestures to the bored and grumpy brunette. Emma helps tie the two cars together and tows the X-ladies car into town. Once there Emma calls for the vehicle to be taken to the mechanics. Emma makes a call on her radio to get a few more representatives of the Tourism Bureau.

"Alright ladies we will begin the tour of our wonderful city of Milfburg now our city is divided into 5 unique districts they are Hot Flash Heights, The Cougar Den, Preggo town, June Cleaver Circle, and Sunflower Square." Emma says explaining the structure of Milfburg.

Lily continues. "So this isn't your typical tour each member of the tourism bureau is in charge of showing newcomers there respective districts. And mine is Preggo town so Kitty and Laura you're with me. Have fun Em." Lily says taking Laura and Kitty with her to Preggo town.

"Well I may not look it I'm actually the representative for Cougar Town so Storm and Sage you're with me." Emma says leaving with Storm to show her around Cougar Town.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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